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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Faro! ♥

Lucky!! My friend got a black kitten for free!! I'm so jealous~. >0<; His name is Faro ( a variation of pharaoh); what a lovely little boy. (: This little baby is too cute, and also too hyper! Every time he is over, he runs around my house and bites on everything. I think that may be normal for kittens (it was so long ago that my cat was a kitten xD), so I don't get mad at him, but jeez, he needs to quit trying to chow down on everything! At least he hasn't pooed on anything in my house; that's what he did to my friend. Hahaha, also, he must think I'm his mother or something since he is always trying to rub on my face, and meows really loud when he sees me. I hope he doesn't get too attached to me since he isn't mine because then he might be sad when he doesn't see me often (I probably would be too). I love him already, and I hope to get a kitten for myself as well soon.

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