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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meta lucky packs

Ahhhhhh, I think this will be the first year that I actually bother to buy one of their lucky packs. Usually, I say "No, I'm going to end up getting some weird clothes that I won't even like since Meta will give me stuff that didn't sell (AKA ugly items)". But! Not this year!

This year Meta has 2 lucky packs for sale (oh, they're getting smart). There's a 10000 yen one, and the other is 15000 yen.

The 10000 pack includes a skirt, tote, small accessory, socks, and cute little face-towelette.
That's a good deal since skirts by themselves cost over 10000 yen!

Now, the one I'm planning to get is the 15000 one.
It comes with a jsk, blouse, hair combs, bloomers, and more!
Seriously, that's all your basics --
plus a jsk!

I hope I have enough money when they release on Friday because... for the 15000 one, you even get to pick the colour you want (well, pretty much)! You have the choice between a "quiet" colour (black, bordeaux, navy) or a "light" colour (white, pink, lavender, red). I definitely want the pack in a "quiet" colour.

Oh yeah! The original bag is also super cool, so there's even more reason to want the pack!


  1. Oooh I was weighing getting the LP too. I would definitely go for the 15,000 set. Good luck with the LP :D

  2. How lucky!! I think I'd get only the ugly items, if I buy such lucky packs! :-)))

  3. Thanh: Yeah, before they didn't show you AT ALL what items you could get, so people ended up getting some... pretty ugly stuff. xD


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