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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh my poor blog, how I've neglected you ;3;

So lately I've been neglecting my lovely blog here. I've had my hopes set on making some money so instead of blogging, I've been crocheting my butt off for days.

Finally, I found something I loved and that I believe will sell quite well in the big ol' Lolita community. I present to you...! Crocheted wristcuffs!

This is the strawberry one worn.
I think it matches AP's Milky Berry in pink perfectly (especially if I added some pearls (; ).

There are 2 designs to choose from (designs 2's band will actually be thicker).
Plus you get to choose the yarn colour/button you want,
and you can even have dangly charms/fake pearls on it if you'd like. ♥

I'm going to start doing commissions for them if anyone is interested, although I honestly have no idea how much to charge. xD

Also, if anyone would like to try out my prototype wristcuffs, and make a review for them, that would be wonderful! ☆


  1. That is seriously too cute. I love to crochet too, so I'm glad to see more crochet work for lolita!

  2. Thank you! It makes me a little sad that when people do commissions, it's never crochet work. I think I'll change that. (:


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