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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wow! A print that I actually like for once!

I sure neglect this thing a lot...

Anywho, finally a print has been released (well, for reserve right now) that I'm actually wanting to get!
It's by
Innocent World
(of course... gee I'm gonna be an IW clone!)

The print is called Gertrude which actually means "strong spear" in Old German.
Gertrude is also the name of a 7th Century saint.
Innocent World's print has more to do with Hamlet, I think --
since Gertrude was Hamlet's mom making her the queen!

My favourite colourway is the black. The beige (or is it grey?) coloured ribbons and carriages just look absolutely stunning against the black background!
Plus it is high-waisted and has a bustle back which is always gorgeous.

I hope it doesn't become super popular so that I have the chance of getting one!

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