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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wedding! ♥

Two of my friends are getting married -- yay! They've been dating for 6 years now, so it's about time they took the big leap!
I'm wearing black to the wedding (will that be bad/uncommon?). I just don't want to wear white since I hear it's disrespectful to wear the same colour as the bride.

We went to the little pre-dinner/party/thingy (idk if there is a real name), and everyone there was so sweet. I met Vicki (the bride)'s mom and I was wondering how after 6 years, how could this be the first time I'm ever meeting her?! She said Vicki talks about me all the time and since Vicki can be a little silly, her mom thought I was just some figment of imagination!
Overall, the dinner was just too fun; I can't wait for the actual wedding now!

I'll be posting pictures if I can get any good ones! :D

Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Halloween" Lucky Packs?


I have never even heard of a Halloween lucky pack... until now!

Innocent World released Halloween lucky packs yesterday; there's 2 types:
A type which is a skirt, blouse, socks [¥12,600] &
B type which is either a jsk or op, blouse, socks [¥15,750]

You actually get to choose the blouse size and colour you want which is perfect for me since I wear a size S in their clothes. S is uncommon from what I've seen with their blouses so FINALLY I can get a blouse the right size!

I ordered a B type pack in Chocolate/ S (I guess technically my dad ordered it since he's the one paying haha), and hopefully it's not out of stock. (I haven't gotten a confirmation/payment email yet since they're seriously freakin' backed up from all the orders).
It's making me really nervous 'cause what if it ends up being out of stock?! I always miss out on their lucky packs so please not this time!! >^<

I talk about Innocent World too much...

Edit: After a 2-day wait, I get told that the pack I ordered is sold-out. Welp, maybe next time!
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