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Monday, November 15, 2010

Angelic Pretty -- kitty! ♥

Angelic Pretty put up previews of their new print on their Tokyo blog!
The new print features... kitties!

There will be:
✰ OP
✰ 2 different JSKs
✰ skirt (this?)
✰ headbow
✰ socks
in the colours: pink, mint, lavender, and black;

At the moment, I'm really fond of the mint colourway, plus the kitties look so big and cute!


  1. They finally have a kitty print? I think my dream came true, I might end up splurging on it. xD The overall design is also very gorgeous. <3

  2. I know!! I love kitty prints and now that a super sweet version of one came out, I really wanna get it. xP
    Do you like the other kitty prints as well? (:


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