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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My first brand dress!

Woopee! I received my first "brand" dress in the mail today!
It's not from my favourite brand, but oh well! Baby, the Stars Shine Bright makes beautiful clothes just as Innocent World does.
I bought it second-hand off of egl_comm_sales for quite a nice price. (;

The print is called Antoinette Goblin; I guess it came out of a luckypack from earlier this year?

The jsk has corset lacing AND waist-ties! The waist-ties are thin which I have never seen before, but they're also detachable. Maybe all detachable waist-ties are thin?
The colour-way I purchased is a little hard to desribe... it looks like a mix of bordeaux and brown. It's absolutely beautiful none the less!

What a beauty! The bouquets of the print are stunning!

The laces used on the dress are elegant and absolutely lovely!

Rose shaped lace on the bodice

The lace used on the hem is also floral! ♥

If you've gotten your first brand dress -- what was it? Did you feel as overwhelmed and overjoyed as I do when you received it? Were you jumping for joy?!

Caylee ★


  1. My First Brand was a purse actually, and I was so in love with it :D I'm glad you got such a gorgeous dress!@

  2. You picked a really lovely dress! :)

  3. Samispoon, Catherine, Cherrypop: Thank you so much!

    Carousellian: Oh what purse was it? and thank you! ♥

  4. This is gorgeous!! So jealous *___*


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