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Monday, November 1, 2010

R.I.P Rascal Artemis

My dad and I found Rascal when he was a kitten; my dad had just brought we home from my friends' 10th birthday party (I was 9 at the time). We heard soft 'mew'ing noises and went to investigate. We found a tiny, scared kitten, but when we tried to get him, he ran away. We set some water out for him along with a little cat-food we borrowed from out neighbour. The little kitten came later and ate the food, and he ended up warming up to us.

At first we thought he was a girl, so we called him names like 'Sugar' and 'Princess'... but he was actually a boy! We felt silly for calling him girly names like, so instead we started calling him Rascal -- the Artemis part was later added by me. We got him all "fixed up" (poor thing), but once he recovered he was really playful!

As the years went by, he mellowed out; he only ever hissed if you frightened him. He also ate all the time, so he was a chubster! He'd play when he was in the mood, and sleep if he wasn't. When he was outside, we'd always end up getting "presents" at our doorstep. Even if my dad threw them into the woods, Rascal would bring it back...

Then this morning, 8 years later, my mom found him in the road. He had been run over by some stupid driver. Rascal always wandered around and crossed the street during the night, and had never gotten hit a single time. I guess this time the person in that car just didn't care ,or they thought he was a raccoon/opossum and sped up on purpose. Some of the people around here are just idiots who run over animals for fun so I wouldn't be surprised if that's what happened. Dumb*asses.

It'll be okay though since Rascal is in a better place now -- or so I believe. He's with God in Heaven and I know he wouldn't want me being sad, but I dearly miss him. He will always be remembered...


  1. :( RIP. It's always sad when animals die in avoidable situations >< my heart goes out to you and rascal.

  2. Thank you.
    It just especially hurts because my other pet (a female German Sheppard) died around this time last year as well. ):


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