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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Samispoon's Giveaway! + thrift store GET!

Samispoon is giving away lovely W♥C, Dollywink, Canmake, and Kose items so be sure to check out her giveaway!

I seriously love thrifting since sometimes you find the cutest/classiest/loveliest items!
It confuses me at times why some items have even been donated to the thrift store; why would anyone want to give up such nice items?!

Anyway, I got a gorgeous ʚ blazer ɞ from my local Goodwill.

It looks absolutely stunning with flashy gold boots! ღ


  1. woah that's so gorgeous! Makes me wanna go to my goodwill and see what I can find

  2. You should! I always find nice boots at my local one; sometimes they need a little touching up, but they always turn out looking fabulous! (:


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