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Monday, December 20, 2010

Annabelle's visit + Polyvore coord! ♥

Awww, so cute!

Annabelle got to visit today!
She's litterbox trained and everything, so I no longer had to worry about that. She likes to hide though... a lot.
She hates loud noises so it's honestly hard to have her over. One of the guys renting out a room (my dad has rooms in our basement up for rent) is SO LOUD, like he does not know how to shut the hell up. So annoying. When he wasn't here for a few hours, Annabelle was fine -- wandering around and being curious like kittens are. But the moment he got back and started blabbing loudly, she hid. It happened the first time she was here as well. She'll hide either under the bed, behind the couch, or wherever she can get herself. It saddens me that some dumb guy's loud mouth makes my kitty want to be antisocial. I honestly don't know how this crap will work out.

Antoinette Goblin

Antoinette Goblin by jinjin_tcg

It doesn't want to center the image, but oh well. Here's a rough idea of a simple coord using my Antoinette Goblin jsk. It's difficult to find bordeaux items, so I stuck with cream. Any suggestions on other coords that could possibly be done using this jsk? (:

P.S. I am so ready to get a tattoo. Come on February 9!

Caylee ★


  1. since its winter, maybe a warm cream hat in faux fur or something warm?

  2. Cherrypop: Aw, thanks! :3

    Carousellian: Ah, yeah. I completely didn't think about the weather. xD; I've been looking for a cream or fawn tippet, but alas~ I have yet to find one.

  3. Woah!!! I think we were born on the exact same day! And you like the same cute stuff I do...small world! D:


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