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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gothic & Lolita Bible 38 PICKS ★

The newest Gothic & Lolita Bible is... a little lacking. It shows new releases and items like that, but there are no makeup tutorials!
Out of the whoooole thing, I only found 3 coords that I like.
  • The 1st is a Victorian Maiden jsk paired with lovely gloves and a cute hat. This coord looks mature and elegant, and also shows how I feel classic lolita should be displayed.
  • The 2nd coord is not the style I usually like. OTT sweet with pink all over! All the rabbit details & accessories are just too adorable that I honestly couldn't resist...
  • Finally, the last coord I liked from this G&LB is from the street snaps. The girl actually made brown x black look nice together! (I think the two don't really go well together normally). The Innocent World jsk is simple yet still eye-drawing. Plus, she's wearing a bonnet, so the coord instantly caught my eye! Go bonnets! xD

Scans are available on multiple sites, but I got mine from laurita.
Please be sure to buy the magazine if it is available near you!

Caylee ★


  1. that VM coord is amazing... I love their pieces

  2. Carousellian: Mmhm! All their pieces are gorgeous... but also hard to find second-hand. xD;


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