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Monday, December 6, 2010

I want W♥C! ;0; + my makeup! ★

W♥C updated their webshop, and oh gosh there are so many cute items!
They're also releasing LPs soon -- I want to start actually dressing gyaru... SO I WANT ONE REALLY BAD! O:

I'm really short though (5'0)... and pale (with a hard time tanning) so idk what style of gyaru would look good on me.
Any suggestions?

Well anywho~ onto my W♥C wishlist!
It seems a lot of other girls wanted these items too since some are sold out! xD
(I think this will help with getting suggestions!)



So cute! ♥


Is it obviously that I like yellow/orange and leopard? xD;

Also! I usually wear lighter looking makeup, so today I decided to try a little darker style!

I tried to do the smokey-eye look, and I think it turned out okay.
I definitely still need practice though.

Caylee ★


  1. very cute! I want that tiger print skirt, no lie

  2. I want it reallyyy bad too! The tail is so cute. ;A;


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