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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Meta CL Honey Picnic set!

Much to my amazement, I received my Meta Honey Picnic set today! I ordered it on the 27th so it only took 3 days total to get to me!

They mail it in a Meta bag taped to hell, so it's a battle to even get it open...
and what's inside?

Another bag! ~ooo~ Luckily the contents are actually inside this one, so no more bag-wars.

In my pack, I received
  • Honey Picnic Short Sleeve OP in mint! (♥♥♥)
  • Embroidery Cardigan in navy (I wanted the cream one...)
  • Flower & Heart Striped OTK socks in white x pink (again, wanted cream...)
  • 2 necklaces (dual-layer gold cross & heart; black heart with silver swan)

I nearly died when I saw that I received the mint OP -- it's exactly what I wanted!
I'll probably keep the socks and the gold necklace. I might keep the other necklace as well, but the cardigan -- it's gotta go. xD;

Anyone else order the Honey Picnic set? If you did, I'd love to know what you got (and maybe trade? xP)!

Caylee ★


  1. It's so cuute! I'm glad you got the OP in the color you wanted! too bad about the cardigan though ;~;

  2. happy that u got what you wanted, meta is my fav brand ... maybe i will order a summer pack

  3. Laffi: Thanks, me too! I'll just sell it or trade it, I suppose~.

    Cherrypop: Thank you! I like Meta a lot too; they're just so fun & much more "out there" than most brands!


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