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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Professor Layton & the Unwound Future

I took my Goverment exam today; I studied my butt off, so it was actually super easy!
Since it's been exam week, everyone gets out around 1. I took that as an opportunity to finally finish Professor Layton 3 for DS!

Oh my goodness, the game is so confusing... and reveals a lot about Professor Layton's past.
We learn that his real name is Hershel (well, this was probably said in the other games, but I don't remember...). He actually had a girlfriend named Claire (oh hoho, Professor Layton truly was a gentleman (; ), and she's the one who gave him his lovely top hat!
The game gets really interesting with the storyline as it includes a huge love triangle! There's also some Future!Luke action (to the surprise of "Little Luke"). Don Paolo even makes another appearance and we find out why he became so "evil".
If you've never played a Proffesor Layton layton, I'm gonna let you know now that these games are all about puzzles. If you like puzzles, and confusing but intriguing story-lines, this game is for you! :D

There's a lot of other mind-boggling things that happen in the game, so spoilerrrrs!
Professor Layton's girlfriend "died" during an experiment of time travel. She really did travel 10 years into the future though! Professor Layton actually meets her in the future without realizing it's her, then she later admits to being Claire. Her molecular structure is messed up from the time travel though, so she gets sent back to 10 years ago, and ends up really dying. It's a tearjerker for sure. ;A;
Also, Don Paolo is actually one of Layton's old classmates! His real name is Paul, and he also loved Claire. He witnessed Claire confessing to Layton and went nuts... so that's why he considers Professor Layton his "arch-nemesis".

But really, play the game! It's such a great one, and it will definitely hold the interest of puzzle lovers! (:

Caylee ★


  1. daaaarn now I kind of want to get into this series... i never beat the first one ;_;

  2. Haha you should! Honestly, I think the first game is the best one. The puzzles also feel like they're the hardest in that one. It took me... quite some time to beat it, so it's okay~. xD;

  3. What is the link or whatever? Is it a story or some online game??


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