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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meta lucky packs

Ahhhhhh, I think this will be the first year that I actually bother to buy one of their lucky packs. Usually, I say "No, I'm going to end up getting some weird clothes that I won't even like since Meta will give me stuff that didn't sell (AKA ugly items)". But! Not this year!

This year Meta has 2 lucky packs for sale (oh, they're getting smart). There's a 10000 yen one, and the other is 15000 yen.

The 10000 pack includes a skirt, tote, small accessory, socks, and cute little face-towelette.
That's a good deal since skirts by themselves cost over 10000 yen!

Now, the one I'm planning to get is the 15000 one.
It comes with a jsk, blouse, hair combs, bloomers, and more!
Seriously, that's all your basics --
plus a jsk!

I hope I have enough money when they release on Friday because... for the 15000 one, you even get to pick the colour you want (well, pretty much)! You have the choice between a "quiet" colour (black, bordeaux, navy) or a "light" colour (white, pink, lavender, red). I definitely want the pack in a "quiet" colour.

Oh yeah! The original bag is also super cool, so there's even more reason to want the pack!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh my poor blog, how I've neglected you ;3;

So lately I've been neglecting my lovely blog here. I've had my hopes set on making some money so instead of blogging, I've been crocheting my butt off for days.

Finally, I found something I loved and that I believe will sell quite well in the big ol' Lolita community. I present to you...! Crocheted wristcuffs!

This is the strawberry one worn.
I think it matches AP's Milky Berry in pink perfectly (especially if I added some pearls (; ).

There are 2 designs to choose from (designs 2's band will actually be thicker).
Plus you get to choose the yarn colour/button you want,
and you can even have dangly charms/fake pearls on it if you'd like. ♥

I'm going to start doing commissions for them if anyone is interested, although I honestly have no idea how much to charge. xD

Also, if anyone would like to try out my prototype wristcuffs, and make a review for them, that would be wonderful! ☆

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thiswasforever: fiberwing mascara giveaway


thiswasforever is having another giveaway!
This time, the winner gets a tube of the amazing Fiberwing Mascara by the brand Imju, a pair of lacy false eyelashes, and a cute white glitter eyeliner stick. Fiberwing Mascara has fibers that seal around your natural lashes, making them look long and thick. Who wouldn't want to win a product like that?! (:

Faro! ♥


Lucky!! My friend got a black kitten for free!! I'm so jealous~. >0<; His name is Faro ( a variation of pharaoh); what a lovely little boy. (: This little baby is too cute, and also too hyper! Every time he is over, he runs around my house and bites on everything. I think that may be normal for kittens (it was so long ago that my cat was a kitten xD), so I don't get mad at him, but jeez, he needs to quit trying to chow down on everything! At least he hasn't pooed on anything in my house; that's what he did to my friend. Hahaha, also, he must think I'm his mother or something since he is always trying to rub on my face, and meows really loud when he sees me. I hope he doesn't get too attached to me since he isn't mine because then he might be sad when he doesn't see me often (I probably would be too). I love him already, and I hope to get a kitten for myself as well soon.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Giveaway/Happy Lolita Day (I'm so late ;3;)

So I'm a few days late cause I've been so busy, but...
Happy belated Lolita Day, everyone!
I didn't get to do anything fun on Lolita Day since I had to clean my home (we're redecorating), so that wasn't too grand, but I hope all the other lolitas of the world had a nice one!

Also, 。*†*。☆ Etoile Carnival ☆。*†*。 is having a giveaway of a lolita craftbook!

I love sewing, so I hope I win it... so everyone else, don't enter! Haha, I'm just playing; everyone should enter in the giveaway if you love doing crafts and/or love lolita fashion!

Friday, June 4, 2010



Ribbonlicious is having a delicious mini-giveaway!
The winner gets -- KITKAT BARS! They're in crazy flavours from Japan, too!
The flavours are strawberry, matcha (green tea), and ramune (soda pop).
If you love yummy candies like I do, you should enter!! (:

[click the image to go to her giveaway post!]
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