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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Modifying false lashes

Ranzuki Feb 2011

Seeing this in Ranzuki made me really wanna try it myself! Sadly, I only have one type of top lash (I need to buy more.. both top & bottom) so I used an older pair to add on to the pair I planned to wear.

I cut the old into 5 parts and used the very outside piece and middle piece to attach on.

Original turned into

Ta da! They look much thicker and wispy with the attached pieces. ♥

Original on the left & modified on the right.
To me, the right looks fuller and luscious whereas the left looks... normal. xP

Do you modify your lashes to make then fuller/longer/more dramatic?
I think from now on, I'm gonna start modifying my lashes; the possibilities are endless!

Caylee ★

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog name & layout change + new nails!

If you haven't noticed already, I changed my blog title (again). ♥
I wanted it to match my tumblr which is all cutesy, so woo hoo~ girly, sweet blog layout. xD

Also, I changed my nails again. I change them about every 2 weeks since I get bored of them easily. I went with a leopard print again, but this time it turn out muuuuch better!
I chose a hot reddish pink and black (it looks gray in the picture...) colour scheme instead of bright, bubbly colours like last time. I've been liking rock-ish colours lately. (:

Also, there's only 4 days left to vote on what'd you like to see included in my giveaway, so please vote!

Caylee ★

Friday, January 21, 2011

Innocent World Linderhof series


No angry posts today!

Innocent World just put the Linderhof series up for sale on their website. Linderhof is the name of a castle in Germany and this series is definitely named appropriately. It is absolutely gorgeous and looks just like something a princess would wear!
The series includes:The head dress and jsk are made of pear skin, and the available colours are beige, sax blue, bordeaux, chocolate, and black. Black is only available for the head dress and choker though which seems strange to me. Were they planning on releasing a black version of the jsk, but didn't? (There isn't even a black version on the Japanese website!)

Feast upon it's beauty!
The details are beautiful! Especially the bodice!

Roses and pearls adorn the charming head dress.

I'm not too fond of the choker; it's nice, but seems sorta plain...

My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, and I'm hoping I get enough money to buy this set in sax or cream (probably only the jsk & head dress)!

Caylee ★

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I don't know where else to put this

Okay, so last week we were out of school because of snow. Then out on Monday because of MLK holiday. So Tuesday, when I got back, I had missed stuff from the Friday before the whole snow crap. Well apparently for Econ, we had a performance task that we had the weekend/break/w.e to do. Since I didn't get the info on it that Friday, my teacher said I could could come in before school on Thursday. Well hm, today is Thursday, but I haven't been able to do it. And I haven't even been able to get to the school. =____=
My mom is so fucking unreliable. She was supposed to get me at 7:45 to take me, but instead, she went back to sleep! I called her at 7:45, 8:00, and 8:10 each time she said she'd be on her way soon. Well apparently not since I had to call her again at 8:20! School starts at 8:40 and since I live 25 minutes away from the school, I'd be late which counts against exemptions just like being absent does. My mom started bitching about how she didn't feel well and didn't want to take me... If she wasn't feeling well, she shouldn't have said she would take me in the first place!! God, she upsets me to the point of tears. If I had known she would pull this shit, I would have asked my dad to take me or my brother (they both work and leave very early)! I would have gotten to the school at 7:20, but at least I'd be there! I just wish my mom could actually keep her word for once. She has me late for almost everything which never looks good on my part. I wish I had my own car. :/

Sorry for the ranting and that there's some choice words in there -- stress and being upset does that to you. Hopefully I'll have a normal, happy update later today.

Caylee ★

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Annabelle is in heat...


(sorry it isn't the best quality...)

Starting Sunday night, Annabelle started acting strange... for one, to our dismay, she would drag herself along the couch instead of just walking. Then she began meowing constantly.

Stupidly (well to me it was stupid), my little brother decided that Annabelle just wanted to be pet and that's why she wouldn't hush. He began rubbing her belly... Oh boy, that's when it got crazy. She start yowling and yowling, then stuck her bottom in the air ....... still yowling. She also does a little step-step with her feet, which is really cute actually.

She had a vet appointment on Monday, so while there I told the vet how Annabelle had been acting. The vet confirmed my suspicion that even though Annabelle is only 10 months old, she is now in heat.

Annabelle is a strictly inside cat so I don't think we'll have to worry, but there is a male cat that hangs around our house. I think Annabelle may be able to smell his pheromones because she has recently become curious about the front door.

I don't know how long cats stay in heat, but I am ready for it to be over!

UPDATE! (1/21): Annabelle is getting spayed on Wednesday!

Caylee ★

Monday, January 17, 2011

{Review} Nailene - French Tip Pen (white)

Nail art pen with shaped tip applicator for "mistake proof" french nails. Choice of three different colours: White, Pearl White, and Pearl Pink
Amount: .225 fl oz
Price: $4

Step 1: Actively shake pen. Press tip into a protected surface for 30 seconds until tip is saturated with polish. After prepping pen, apply two coats to nail tips. Let dry.
Step 2: Apply two or more coats of top coat to entire nail.
Application: Apply tip guides across curve of nails to separate tip area.

Water, Titanium Dioxide, Ammonium Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, PEG-8 Dimethicone, Benzisothiazolinone

I should have known by the price that this product would be a bust, but I tried it anyway. The pen style is nice with the guide-type tip, but the pen does not "glide across" the nails easily. It has more of a stalled movement no matter how saturated the tip is.
More so, not even one day after applying the tip, the polish started to crack and later peel off beneath my top coat. I have never had this happen with a polish before. :/

Effectiveness ★★★★ {Cracks and chips TOOOO easily}
Cost ★★★★
Easy to Use? ★★★★
Appearance ★★★ {Sorta plain packaging and plain white applicator pen.}

PS: New poll! It's about my upcoming giveaway, so please vote!

Caylee ★

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New nails & hair colour! ★

It feels odd having another "break" right after we started school back, and I honestly cannot wait to go back to school on Tuesday...

I got new nail art items yesterday including a french-tip pen (I'll post a review later today or tomorrow), so I decided to do my nails. I'm not a pro or anything, so I've still gotta practice! haha

Just a simple baby pink with white & silver (or black) tips featuring big rhinestones. ♥
Sadly, they don't match my new hair at all...

Burgundy hair~! This was pretty much an impluse change. Today I was with my mom at the salon and Amy wanted to mess with colours for my hair. My mom said it was alright, so I ended up with burgundy hair!
Is it possible to do hime gyaru with dark hair...? If not, I'll do rock style. ☆

Caylee ★

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My attempt at Hime hair & makeup


I've been stuck in the house for 4 days so far and it's really getting to me... and still no school tomorrow. AUGGH. I'm gonna go insane here.
To pass the time, I decided to try Hime style hair and makeup. I couldn't figure out what to do with my bangs, and I still can't make a bouffant... but I'll get there eventually. xD;

Idk why but I really love the 2nd picture. Maybe it's because I look so peaceful. (:

(Haha! I suck at animation xD;)
Also, I want critique, please~~!
Now, I need to get a tan, make my thighs thinner (so hard ;A;) and buy bunches of clothes. I think I might be good to go then. xD;;;

And I really need to find something to do tomorrow... maybe I'll make bows/wristcuffs. :/

Caylee ★

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow nice~

(my puns are terrible... xD;)

I'm starting to feel much more calm and not sulky, so I think I'll be going back to blogging now. (:
Last night GA had a huuuuuuuge ice/snow/winter mix (whatever you want to call it) storm. It was insane and frightening since it sounded like someone was banging on my roof, but thankfully there was no hail! Since we had a storm though (with over 4 inches of snow and tons of 'black ice') -- no school! I didn't do my homework yesterday... so it's a good thing for me! xD
The last ice storm we had was in 2000; it was far worse than the one this year, but boy, either way, I really hate ice storms. :/ (even if they let me have no school!)
But~~ when the storm goes away, you're left with pretty snow all over the yard! Or like me, snow covered in ice!

I tried to make a heart, but the snow was too crunchy... ):

Also, I curled my hair! My hair is notorious for being too thin to curl, but today it behaved! (Success!)
I think the curls turned out quite nice. (:

Looking at this picture made me realize that I really need to do my roots. They're gettin' BAD. xD;;

Did your country/state get any sinister ice storms lately? Or just angelic snow?

Caylee ★

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mini Hiatus

Yesterday, a death occurred in my family. It was my grandma or Grammy whom I loved dearly, and her death has me awfully depressed. I won't be posting on here until I'm able to get over her death, so expect anything for... a while.

I hope everyone understands, and looks forward to my return.

Caylee ★

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ristar: The Other Sonic

Haha, time to let my inner-nerd out! Earlier today, my boyfriend showed me (well, made me play) the game Ristar.
The game is pretty much a mirror image of Sonic The Hedgehog. The only real differences is that in Ristar you're a star, and that there's no spin dash. Instead, you have a "Grab" attack. The grab attack is quite amusing when used on certain enemies. In the second "planet" in the game, there are purple Salamander creatures and when you use the grab attack and hold it on them, they wiggle like crazy. It amuses me so much! (/loser)
Apparently I'm good at the game, too? I made it further than my boyfriend ever had! (even though I only made it to the third planet...) I honestly think I only did well because the game is so similar to Sonic. It's a fun game none the less, and challenging when you start! I'm definitely glad he showed me the game.

Have you ever played Ristar, or are into old Sega Genesis games like Sonic The Hedgehog? (:

PS: It turns Ristar was actually developed from an idea that would later become Sonic The Hedgehog -- Ristar was originally a rabbit!

Caylee ★

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Layout!

Golly. I was working on it for 2+ hours and I finally got it how I want it!
Woo hoo, even Grimer is happy!

I also added a new poll (please vote~) & I'm getting closer and closer to 25 followers. Maybe a giveaway will be popping up soon! ★

Caylee ★
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