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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My attempt at Hime hair & makeup

I've been stuck in the house for 4 days so far and it's really getting to me... and still no school tomorrow. AUGGH. I'm gonna go insane here.
To pass the time, I decided to try Hime style hair and makeup. I couldn't figure out what to do with my bangs, and I still can't make a bouffant... but I'll get there eventually. xD;

Idk why but I really love the 2nd picture. Maybe it's because I look so peaceful. (:

(Haha! I suck at animation xD;)
Also, I want critique, please~~!
Now, I need to get a tan, make my thighs thinner (so hard ;A;) and buy bunches of clothes. I think I might be good to go then. xD;;;

And I really need to find something to do tomorrow... maybe I'll make bows/wristcuffs. :/

Caylee ★


  1. This snow is driving me insane too! luckily last night I was able to go out for a trip to walmart xD.
    Your hair and make up looks so cute!!!

  2. Trying new hairstyles is fun! Maybe you should try using a rat to get that bouffant poof?

  3. Laffi: Lucky! I went to a card shop with my bf earlier today, but it was boring... so not much of a change for me. xD;
    Thank you! Are you going to our gyarusa's meetup next month? I'm trying to get all ready for it. xP

    focusing the lens: Would you mind me asking your name? I feel weird calling you "focusing the lens". xD;; A rat? Like a rat comb? That's a great idea actually! (:

  4. I'm Kate! :)

    And a rat is actually a "filler" that you wrap your hair around. You make one (you use your own hair) or buy one (they look like a sponge and com in different shapes).

    Basically, it gives your hair a bit more body by letting you put the hair over or around it. People from all different cultures have made and used them for quite some time. They're sort of like bump-its, but soft, and easier to disguise in your hair!

  5. Kate: Oh! I've never heard of those before -- that's really cool! It would seriously help with the poof, for sure. xD Thank you so much for telling me about it! (:

  6. Yeah, I'm planning on going with Hannah ;u; I've been playing with my hair and make up trying to get ready as well, because I'm not used to gal yet! xD

  7. Laffi: I think you'll look great as a gal! ♥ You have a tanned skin-tone, so you're already ahead of the game! xD
    I hope all the gals in our gyarusa are nice to us new people. ;3;

  8. I have not left my house since last Saturday D: it is terrible! Though you look so great! I love your hair! <3 Bouffants are much easier than you think! (I know I thought I'd never get it right!) what I do is (I saw it in Ageha btw) brush the top of my head back, so then have a chunk of hair that'll be your bouffant. Then separate that chunk into a back section and a front section. Then, starting with the back section, put it in one giant hot curler (or you could use a regular curling iron I guess), do the same with the front section then leave it for 15 minutes or so (I do it while I do my make up). You could also do the sides to make a even bigger, more fuller, bouffant. Just brush the sides back and put those in hot curlers/hot iron. Then when you take the curlers out it should be like two big curls going back. tease AS MUCH AS YOUR TINY LITTLE HANDS WILL ALLOW YOU TO back with a really good teasing comb. tease it like you have never teased before. then SPRAY that mo-fo. theennn you will look ridiculous. after looking WTF at yourself, get bobby pins (AS MANY BOBBY PINS AS YOU CAN FIND!) and pin the hair back. The bobby pins should be on the back of your head. then you should have a lovely bouffant at this point~

    I hope I explained well enough xD I'm doing a tutorial eventually on my blog so if my explanation didn't help then there's that.

    and are you coming to the gyarusa meetup? :O

  9. Hannah: Thank you sooooo much for that explanation/text tutorial. ♥♥ I think I saw something similar like that in January's Ageha but I can't read any Japanese. >3>;;;

    I'll be going to the gyarusa meetup if I can decide on an outfit by that time! I'm a little afraid I'll be the palest person there... so un-gal. xD;

  10. No problem! and just concentrate on the photos. a bit of a pain but you'll get the hang of it! the tutorial I used is from like a 2008 Ageha (I downloaded almost all of them). then I kinda figured it!

    and I can't wait to meet you! and nahh! I doubt it :) I'm pale myself but I'm getting a tan this summer...which is a while away!


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