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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Lolita wardrobe~ [img heavy]

Hello beauties!
The beginning of the year is a wonderful time to make wardrobe posts (it's even the theme for egl this month!).
I have a small lolita wardrobe at the moment, but I'm hoping that throughout the year, it will grow and grow. Sadly, lolita is so costly.

I love my little wardrobe none-the-less~


So far all my dresses are Angelic Pretty. I plan to get some Meta dresses soon though~
Tea Time OP
Marchen Ribbon
Tiara Rose
Miracle Candy


Both AP as well. xD
Chiffon Skirt with Garters
Tiara Rose


AP cutsews, Bodyline blouse, and an offbrand blouse!
The offbrand one is actually more minty in colour than the photo shows~


All offbrand thrift-store finds
The polkadot one even came with a matching tank top!


AP sandals and Secret Shop teaparties~
Most of my socks are AP and Meta, but I truly adore my see-through ankle socks

Hair accessories

Headbows!! I have the matching headbows for Tiara Rose & Miracle Candy.
Then fuzzy star hairclip, handmade + offbrand headbows, and handmade barrette


My adorable bags!
Most are from Angelic Pretty, but the plush one is Disney and there's Korilakkuma~.


All my tippets/collars and a couple offbrand ankle socks.

My only pair of bloomers xD, fuzzy bear hat with chocomint bows attached, and AP collar~

Well, there ya have it! I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my budding wardrobe!
Also, I'd love to see other people's wardrobes, be it lolita, fairy kei, mori girl, etc!
Much love,


  1. Those see through socks are so cute !!

    I also have that pink fuzzy hat, I got it at Disney World ^~^;

  2. Ande: Thank you! ^^
    Oh, really?! I love it! Sadly I've never been to Disney World. ;n;

    Ayu: I'm glad you like it all~ ;u;

    May Kay: Hahaha, thank you!


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