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Sunday, January 16, 2011

New nails & hair colour! ★

It feels odd having another "break" right after we started school back, and I honestly cannot wait to go back to school on Tuesday...

I got new nail art items yesterday including a french-tip pen (I'll post a review later today or tomorrow), so I decided to do my nails. I'm not a pro or anything, so I've still gotta practice! haha

Just a simple baby pink with white & silver (or black) tips featuring big rhinestones. ♥
Sadly, they don't match my new hair at all...

Burgundy hair~! This was pretty much an impluse change. Today I was with my mom at the salon and Amy wanted to mess with colours for my hair. My mom said it was alright, so I ended up with burgundy hair!
Is it possible to do hime gyaru with dark hair...? If not, I'll do rock style. ☆

Caylee ★


  1. Ohh you're nails are so cute!~ What's the design on your ring finger?~

    Burgandy is always a nice color for the winter!~ And of course you can still do gyaru! I think a reddish pink hair color goes even better with gyaru style than blonde~ That way, everything can be pink!

  2. I think the hair color looks good, actually. I also agree with Princess Gigglesnort. Darker hair in winter is better.

  3. Carousellian: Thank you! ♥ Also, would you mind tell me your name? xD

    Princess Gigglesnort: Haha, I love your name! (: It was supposed to be a heart (upside down in the pic), but it didn't turn out so well... xD;
    I love crazy hair colours with gyaru, but idk about with hime. o.o;

    Kate: Aw, thanks! It's darker than I would ever have wanted, but it's growing on me. xD

  4. Your hair looks superb! *_*
    That's a really gorgeous pink, I'm rather curious on the nail polish brand.

  5. Catherine: Thank you! (:
    The brand is w n' wild. The specific type is Mega Last strengthening polish in the colour True Love. I hope that helps!


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