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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow nice~

(my puns are terrible... xD;)

I'm starting to feel much more calm and not sulky, so I think I'll be going back to blogging now. (:
Last night GA had a huuuuuuuge ice/snow/winter mix (whatever you want to call it) storm. It was insane and frightening since it sounded like someone was banging on my roof, but thankfully there was no hail! Since we had a storm though (with over 4 inches of snow and tons of 'black ice') -- no school! I didn't do my homework yesterday... so it's a good thing for me! xD
The last ice storm we had was in 2000; it was far worse than the one this year, but boy, either way, I really hate ice storms. :/ (even if they let me have no school!)
But~~ when the storm goes away, you're left with pretty snow all over the yard! Or like me, snow covered in ice!

I tried to make a heart, but the snow was too crunchy... ):

Also, I curled my hair! My hair is notorious for being too thin to curl, but today it behaved! (Success!)
I think the curls turned out quite nice. (:

Looking at this picture made me realize that I really need to do my roots. They're gettin' BAD. xD;;

Did your country/state get any sinister ice storms lately? Or just angelic snow?

Caylee ★


  1. The title made me laugh xD
    I love your snow pictures ;u; I'm with you on not doing homework too hahaha. Luckily we're canceled again tomorrow so I can actual do homework this time! Your hair looks so pretty curled!! ;o;!

  2. ♔ Laffi: Really? I'm glad it made you laugh. (:
    We're canceled tomorrow as well! This time I might actually do it... but it's math, so maybe not. xD;
    Awww, thank you. My hair doesn't normally wanna stay curled so I hairsprayed the hell out of it. Luckily, it worked! I'm gonna wear it curled more often, I think. <3

  3. Snow is very rare where I am. We had a white-out storm last year in December, and flurries in years before, but this year has been very mild. I can't recall a day that's gotten below 40 degrees, and mostly it's been above 60. On New Year's Eve, I was walking around in a tank top all day. ^^;;

    It looks like you had fun with the snow that you got, though! I heard some places got hit pretty hard.

  4. focusing the lens: Where do you live -- Florida? That's just crazy to imagine it never being below 40 in the Winter. .__.;;; Then again, GA has bipolar weather, so here you never know what's gonna happen. xD;

    I sure did! And oh gosh, yes. There were 20+ accidents on some highways/interstates around here. The roads are covered with black ice and visibility is reaaally crappy. So scary. @__@;;

  5. We got a lot of snow here last night. I spent the last few hours shoveling which isn't fun. It's still snowing a little bit.


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