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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day + makeup/hair/outfit shot

It's the day for love! ♥
My boyfriend is taking out to dinner tonight. He won't tell me where we're going, so I guess it's a surprise. Sadly, all he's getting from me is some homemade chocolate! xD

I want to look my best for him though, so I've gotten all dolled up.
(Even sitting here typing this in my nice outfit! xP)

(Click on em for bigger pictures~)

Wow! I look 1000000x times better with circle lenses. Haha, I know he likes my normal eyes and all, but psh, I've gotta look absolutely amazing.
My outfit is sorta plain, I suppose. I didn't want to add a whole bunch of layers cause I like how the buttons really stand out against the black and white of the rest of the outfit.

What are you doing tonight for Valentine's tonight? Seeing a boyfriend/girlfriend, spending it with friends, or just staying home chilling? I hope no one is forever alone~! ;0;

Caylee ★


  1. you look so great! Love the circle lenses~! I'm just sitting at home tonight xD

  2. Awww I love your face! (haha that sounds so creepy). I really want to meet you someday (that sounds even more creepy xD)

  3. Laffi: Aw, thanks! I hope you still had fun none the less~ :3

    Youthanasia: Thank you! ;u;

    Hannah: Haha, that's not creepy! Thank you for loving my face. :D I plan to go to the para para practice (I wanna be in it...), so hopefully we'll finally meet there! ♥


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