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Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's almost complete! ♥

I received my Meta blouse today that I planned to use for my Antoinette Gobelin coord!
It's made of chiffon, so it's pretty sheer & best to wear something underneath (unless wearing under a jsk, that is). A little hard to see since I used flash, but there are 3 detachable bows, so you can change up the look of the blouse! I'm in love with it! ❤

My co-ord so far!
I knew the blouse would go wonderfully with my Antoinette Gobelin jsk, but goodness, it's not just wonderful -- it's perfect!
Now all I need is a headpiece (probably a bonnet or cantonier) and socks/tights. (:
Rundown so far
Blouse: Meta
Shoes: thrifted
Accessories: Meta

Also, Drink me is holding her first giveaway!
Brand prizes will be given away -- check it out!

Caylee ★


  1. Wow! It's looking sooo beautiful so far!
    I love that jsk o:

  2. Oh wow! I love the blouse and your coordinate so far *u* prettyy~.

  3. ~larissa: Thank you! I don't think it will be hard to find (maybe put a WTB post on egl_comm_sales?)

    Laffi: I'm glad I got in when I did; all the other chiffon blouses I saw were 3/4 sleeves! xD; And thank you~ @3@

    Cherrypop: Thanks! ♥


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