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Saturday, February 12, 2011

{Review} Pretty and Cute webshop

I placed an order with Pretty and Cute on February 5th. Their webshop was currently not shipping orders because of the Chinese New Year and would resume on February 9th (my birthday xD).

I received my package on February 12th, and was a little surprised since they didn't notify that it had been shipped.

The 2 items I ordered were:
♥ GEO Tear Series Grey ♥
♥ Dramatic 4 lashes (10 set) ♥

The lenses were seriously priced so well! Only $7.50 per lens, so $15 total! That's the lowest I've ever seen for such wonderful quality, cute lenses!

I'm a little disappointed with the lashes though. A lot of them were not curved to fit an eye, but straight instead. It can easily be fixed by soaking them in warm water, so I'm really not too worried. (:

Service ★★★★ - Very fast shipping (Only 3 days), but not getting notified confused me.
Cost ★★★★★ - Absolutely AMAZING! My total order was only $26 including shipping!
Appearance ★★★★★ - The two items combined make my eyes look stunning!

Pretty and Cute even sells make up, so I highly recommend them for your gyaru needs!

Caylee ★


  1. I love Pretty and Cute! I love how fast they ship :O I have the same set of eyelashes and I think even though theyre made kinda crap, 10 pairs for $10 is a pretty good deal I think. Either way theyre really cute lashes :D I wear them ^_^

  2. i didnt know pretty and cute still sell circle lenses...i thought they stop

  3. Hannah: Yes, they are SOOO fast! Yeah, I wish the quality was a little better, but it was such a steal. xD

    Talisa: They still sell them! Most of piano only, so if you use prescription, it might be hard to find a pair on there. ):

  4. Hi, could you leave a link to the lens? I've been searching, but couldn't find them :\

  5. cajega: I can't find it now either! They must've recently taken it down. ;A;
    I feel bad for saying they still sell them since now they suddenly don't. ):


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