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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Short nails can be cute too!

I just got my first job! Woo! Sadly, my employer says I cannot have long nails... so I had to file mine way way down. ;A;
But! It's helped me realize that short nails can be cute, too!
There isn't as much room to do designs or add deco objects, but simple designs are still just as cute as on long nails. ♥

I made mine just a simple lavender gradient --

I also found these pictures of adorable zebra print tips and beautiful lacy nails! I want to try them!

(credit: cynfulnails @ blogspot)

Also! Expect to see my giveaway posted on Monday or Tuesday! (:

Caylee ★


  1. aww so cute! We must think alike in terms of nail art xD. I have a lavender and pink thing going on now xD!

  2. Laffi: Haha, that's cool! I'd love to see! ♥

  3. I'll probably post them up march 1st or so :D!

  4. Pretty nails ^___^ <3
    And yess! I have short nails a lot and sometimes some of the designs still look really cute :3

    and looking forward to the giveaway ^^

  5. Melody: I'm actually starting to like my short nails better; they don't get in the way! xD

  6. So cute!! ;~; I really miss you, you should come to Momocon.


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