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Sunday, February 27, 2011

[Tutorial]: Simple Hime hairstyle

★ Hot curlers (large x4) ★
★ Medium or large barrel curling iron ★
★ Teasing comb ★
★ Bobbypins or barrette ★
★ Whatever accessories you want ★

please ignore the derp faces throughout this... xD;
Separate center section of hair and then separate that into a top and bottom. Insert large hot curler at the base of the hair under each section. Also insert under chosen side sections. (optional; it gives more volume though!)
Leave in for up to 10 minutes.
{alternate view}

After removing the curlers, your hair will look like a bumpy mess. xD
Take the areas where the bumps are and tease them like crazy! It will be poofing around everywhere. Pin your now attained bouffant at the back with bobbypins or a barrette. (I forgot to take a picture of it pinned back...)

Now, curl the rest of your hair. I chose a barrel (or sausage) curl.
{One side done}

Fancy up your hair with whatever accessories you have chosen. I chose a hot-pink floral headband! (I feel like floral items suit me best. ♥)

Now you can achieve an elegant (and so easy!) hime hairstyle in less than an hour!


  1. Gurl, you know I have to comment on this ;) it looks super cute! perfect for spring!

    we need to hang out x_X

  2. So Adorable . You look like a Princess Doll .


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