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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm finally getting Tiara Rose! ♥


(image credit: corfina @ lj)
Tiara Rose has been one of my dream prints ever since it came out in 2009.
It's by Angelic Pretty (which I usually don't like), but instead of looking retardedly sweet, Tiara Rose looks sweet with a hint of elegance. (plus it has vertical stripes... so hopefully I'll look taller!)

Sadly, I'm having to pay for it with an installment plan... but I'm so still getting it by the end of April, so ha!

Hopefully after I finish buying this set, I can get Lady Rose and Powder Rose as well!

♥ What dream prints have you gotten for yourself?
And anyone else die a little inside when Sugary Carnival re-release sold out? xD;

Monday, March 28, 2011

Candyfloss Boutique Grand Opening!


I finally opened my etsy shop and started putting items up!

To celebrate the Grand Opening, all followers of my blog (tell your follow name in the comment box when buying) will get 2 discounts!
First is free shipping until April 30, 2011!
Just use the code GRANDOPENFREE!
Then, if you spend $50+ in one purchase, you get 20% off by using the code GRANDOPEN50!

Come and see the items!
More items will be up soon!

Friday, March 25, 2011

[Tutorial]: Cutesy gyaru eyemake-up

click for bigger!

01: Prime your eye area (I use face primer) and apply concealer/foundation to under-eyes.
02: Put in circle lenses, curl lashes, and apply eyeshadow(s).
03: Line top lip by drawing a straight line along the lash line. Add a little tail downward. Make a v-point at the inner part of your eye.
04: Using a pencil liner, line a little below the water line, curving up to meet at the inner point.
05: Put white pencil liner in inner corner of eye to accent. Apply top lash so that it sticks out a little further than your natural eye length (helps create the "droopy-eye" look).
06: Apply any bottom lash(es) and use mascara to blend in your natural lashes.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ahhh, finally! ★


A rue21 is opening in the Fayette Pavilion on the 31st of this month... and I got a job there! I am soooo excited to finally have a real job where the manager isn't some creep. :D
I start this weekend (to help set up all the clothes), and I seriously think I will enjoy working at rue21. I love their clothes and since I work there, I get a discount.

Having this job will also help me be able to earn money for college since I'll be attending Clayton State University starting Jan 2012. It will also allow me to pay for gas, clothes, and all those other things I want! So hime gyaru/lolita clothes, here I come!

Oh, and even more so, I finally got a car!
It's a 2004 Ford Taurus SES and isn't the best car in the world, but it'll get me to and from places (meaning I won't have to ask my sucky mom) and that's what matters!

I'm just so thrilled that everything is starting to look up for me -- I'm ready to be independent!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Giveaway winner ♥


My giveaway has ended and by random generator, Ribka is the winner!

Please respond to the email within 48 hours~

Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Tutorial]: The easiest way to perfect french tips!

My prom was last night, so I've been tired as crap all day ...
But none the less, I decided to show all you gals (and guys too, I guess xD) the easiest way to get that perfect french tip~

Apply a base coat to the tip of the nail only.
(about as far down as you want the colour to be)

Apply 2 coats of colour as far down as you want the tip to be.
(only 1 coat is shown here)

Using a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover (pure acetone works best), shape the curve into the bottom on the colour.
Apply a top coat or two, and you're done!

It's so much easier than drawing the curve then trying to fill the colour in evenly. I do my french tips this way, and it honestly takes the least time out of all methods I've tried!

Also!! my giveaway ends tomorrow at 12:00 PM EST so don't forget to enter!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Momocon 2011


On Saturday I attended Momocon! I thought it would be kind of cold, so I decided to wear long sleeves... (BIG MISTAKE! ;A;)
I the high was in the low 70's, and they changed the event where you had to walk to different buildings and stuff, so I was dying from the heat.
I went with friends from school, but mainly hung out with my wonderful lolita (& gyaru ♥) friends. I also finally met Hannah of Star Princess; she is gorgeous!

photo taken by Dawn Allen (she's amazing ♥)

Outfit rundown:
  • Blouse: Metamorphose
  • Jsk: Btssb
  • Tights: Claire's
  • Shoes: thrifted
  • Accessories: Target, Meta

Before leaving, my friend purchased a cat plush for me from the dealer's room. He reminds me so much of the Felines on Monster Hunter! Looks just like little Wanamaker (one of my felines on the game )

Sadly, I didn't get to go Sunday, since my outfit was in my friend's car... (I forgot to retrieve it Saturday /dumb*ss), but I hope everyone who went had major fun!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick update

I finally got around to making a banner and changing my blog's layout; I hope it looks good enough!

Also, I plan to make my etsy store sometime next week, so I need name suggestions. Please comment this post with suggestions? (since I'm terrible of thinking up names)

I'll make a post about Momocon later today, but until then, I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Goals


(image from MA*RS webstore)
  • Open an etsy webshop - I believe this will be the easiest way to sell my nail sets online; I need help thinking of a name though. xD;
  • Attend Momocon - This one should be easy, but I usually end up being screwed out of a ride.
  • Get a tan! (hopefully before prom) - even if it's just a light tan; I'll be happy!
  • Get in shape - I'm going to try to lose at least 3 lbs this month because sadly, I am technically overweight for my size now... been eating too much sweets. ;A;
  • Earn $100+ - I really want to buy some hime gyaru clothes, so I've gotta get some money!
  • Lighten my hair - Spring is nearly here, so no more dark hair! I want my hair similar to the model's in the photo but a little darker (milk tea!). ♥

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dolly Wink inspired nail set

Whew! So school has really been keeping me busy. Econ has been kicking my butt (Of course... stupid Social Studies courses), so I've been trying to stay off the computer and study instead. It isn't working so well xP
Anyway, last night, I decided to finally make a new nail set! ♥ I make them for girls at school, but I've decided to start selling them online as well. If anyone is interested in this pair, they're only 15 USD shipped to US & 18 USD shipped Int'l.

Making the writing was especially hard, but I tried my best!
What is your opinion on them? Are they a design you'd be interested in purchasing?
(I'm wanting to know if I should make more of this design... xD;;)

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