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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dolly Wink inspired nail set

Whew! So school has really been keeping me busy. Econ has been kicking my butt (Of course... stupid Social Studies courses), so I've been trying to stay off the computer and study instead. It isn't working so well xP
Anyway, last night, I decided to finally make a new nail set! ♥ I make them for girls at school, but I've decided to start selling them online as well. If anyone is interested in this pair, they're only 15 USD shipped to US & 18 USD shipped Int'l.

Making the writing was especially hard, but I tried my best!
What is your opinion on them? Are they a design you'd be interested in purchasing?
(I'm wanting to know if I should make more of this design... xD;;)


  1. Those are super cute!!
    I love nails like these, so gorgeous! But they always get in my way when I'm typing or at work. XD I have to start learning how to operate around them! ^__^

  2. wow! are beautiful! I love the design .

    i'm a nail art fan <3


  3. Ana: Thank you! (:

    Melissy: I'm glad you like them! Yeah, typing/texting is super hard with long nails, but once you learn how -- you can do anything with long nails (even super long ones)! xD

    Mel: Aw, thanks! I'll be showing off more of my designs soon ♥

  4. They're really cute! My suggestion would to be to maybe add a few tiny black rhinestones or pearls? Or maybe I'm just way to OTT in everything xDD

  5. Hannah: Thank you!
    The bow on the top row is actually made completely of rhinstones. Some one the bottom have stones too, they just aren't super shiny or anything. xD;

  6. Wow, I LOVE them ! I've got a weakness for pink x black :'(

  7. they're SO cute~! I really like the way you did the lace *u*!

  8. I really like those nails<3
    Those looks cute! ^^

  9. Youthanasia: Thank you! And oh gosh, me too; especially if it's in sweet rock style.♥

    Laffi: Thank you! The lace was hard to do; I'm glad it turned out okay ;A;

    Meri & Anni: Aw, thank you!


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