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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm finally getting Tiara Rose! ♥

(image credit: corfina @ lj)
Tiara Rose has been one of my dream prints ever since it came out in 2009.
It's by Angelic Pretty (which I usually don't like), but instead of looking retardedly sweet, Tiara Rose looks sweet with a hint of elegance. (plus it has vertical stripes... so hopefully I'll look taller!)

Sadly, I'm having to pay for it with an installment plan... but I'm so still getting it by the end of April, so ha!

Hopefully after I finish buying this set, I can get Lady Rose and Powder Rose as well!

♥ What dream prints have you gotten for yourself?
And anyone else die a little inside when Sugary Carnival re-release sold out? xD;


  1. I love this dress!!
    That print is very lovely ;w; <3

  2. congrats on getting your dress :)
    I think its a lovely print, powder rose is super cute in lavender 8-) my favorite print is star night theater and sugary carnival!

  3. so cutee and pretty can't wait to see pics of it when you have it one ^__^

  4. congratulations! :D
    you'll look lovely in it


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