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Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Goals

(image from MA*RS webstore)
  • Open an etsy webshop - I believe this will be the easiest way to sell my nail sets online; I need help thinking of a name though. xD;
  • Attend Momocon - This one should be easy, but I usually end up being screwed out of a ride.
  • Get a tan! (hopefully before prom) - even if it's just a light tan; I'll be happy!
  • Get in shape - I'm going to try to lose at least 3 lbs this month because sadly, I am technically overweight for my size now... been eating too much sweets. ;A;
  • Earn $100+ - I really want to buy some hime gyaru clothes, so I've gotta get some money!
  • Lighten my hair - Spring is nearly here, so no more dark hair! I want my hair similar to the model's in the photo but a little darker (milk tea!). ♥


  1. All the best with reaching your goals!! ^__^
    I wanna get in shape too, hopefully by the end of the month I'll be able to reach the goal and maintain it!! XD

  2. you are too cute! hearts
    hope you accomplish all your goals! :D
    i wish i could dye my hair! it dies too easily though :/

  3. Goog luck with your store n_n!

    My best wishes, hope yus reach all your goals.

    kisses <3

  4. that MA*RS dress look like Angelic Pretty powder rose fabric lol x) it looks really different than other MA*RS things, its really cute isnt it!

  5. To get a tan, you can use this lotion that helps make your skin "golden." I don't remember the name, but it's basically a lotion to used to hydrate and help give your skin some color! :3

  6. Your blog is too cute~!! Now I'm following you^^<3 Good luck with your goals!
    Kisses ^3^


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