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Monday, March 14, 2011

Momocon 2011

On Saturday I attended Momocon! I thought it would be kind of cold, so I decided to wear long sleeves... (BIG MISTAKE! ;A;)
I the high was in the low 70's, and they changed the event where you had to walk to different buildings and stuff, so I was dying from the heat.
I went with friends from school, but mainly hung out with my wonderful lolita (& gyaru ♥) friends. I also finally met Hannah of Star Princess; she is gorgeous!

photo taken by Dawn Allen (she's amazing ♥)

Outfit rundown:
  • Blouse: Metamorphose
  • Jsk: Btssb
  • Tights: Claire's
  • Shoes: thrifted
  • Accessories: Target, Meta

Before leaving, my friend purchased a cat plush for me from the dealer's room. He reminds me so much of the Felines on Monster Hunter! Looks just like little Wanamaker (one of my felines on the game )

Sadly, I didn't get to go Sunday, since my outfit was in my friend's car... (I forgot to retrieve it Saturday /dumb*ss), but I hope everyone who went had major fun!!


  1. You look like a doll!~ ^__^
    Poor thing! :O I can't imagine walking under the heat in that! XD

  2. so cute wahh walking in the heat is no fun its all sweaty and sticky i hate it the most when the weather is humid but as long as you had fun ^__^

  3. The cat plushie is soooooo cute *-*
    And you look absolutely gorgeous <3

  4. It was so nice to see you there!! I hope we can meet and derp around more often lol!

  5. awh i lvoe ur cute plushie :3 and nice co ord sorry to hear it made u overheat D:


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