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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick update

I finally got around to making a banner and changing my blog's layout; I hope it looks good enough!

Also, I plan to make my etsy store sometime next week, so I need name suggestions. Please comment this post with suggestions? (since I'm terrible of thinking up names)

I'll make a post about Momocon later today, but until then, I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


  1. Wah, your new banner looks so cute! :D

    Hmm.. why don't you just call it Candyfloss? Or Caylee's Shop (I think that sounds ubercute hehehe)?

  2. I like that banner!!
    It's very cute ;w;

  3. MOON Yay! Haha I love your ideas. I'm pretty sure it'll be called Candyfloss Boutique. (:

    Meri & Anni I'm so glad you like it! ♥


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