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Friday, March 25, 2011

[Tutorial]: Cutesy gyaru eyemake-up

click for bigger!

01: Prime your eye area (I use face primer) and apply concealer/foundation to under-eyes.
02: Put in circle lenses, curl lashes, and apply eyeshadow(s).
03: Line top lip by drawing a straight line along the lash line. Add a little tail downward. Make a v-point at the inner part of your eye.
04: Using a pencil liner, line a little below the water line, curving up to meet at the inner point.
05: Put white pencil liner in inner corner of eye to accent. Apply top lash so that it sticks out a little further than your natural eye length (helps create the "droopy-eye" look).
06: Apply any bottom lash(es) and use mascara to blend in your natural lashes.



  1. you look so cute and I love your headbow x3
    your eyebrows look so nice *w*

  2. You look cute ^^
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. RiA: Thank you! ♥

    Ribka: Aw, thanks! And you're very welcome! (':

  4. Sooo cute!!~ How do you do your eyebrows? Did you trim the half of it or shave?

  5. MOON: You really think so? Thank you! <3

    Jendee: Thank you! ;u; I shave the outer half then trim down the hairs of the inner half -- so both? xD;

  6. your profilepic is so cute!


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