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Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Tutorial]: The easiest way to perfect french tips!

My prom was last night, so I've been tired as crap all day ...
But none the less, I decided to show all you gals (and guys too, I guess xD) the easiest way to get that perfect french tip~

Apply a base coat to the tip of the nail only.
(about as far down as you want the colour to be)

Apply 2 coats of colour as far down as you want the tip to be.
(only 1 coat is shown here)

Using a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover (pure acetone works best), shape the curve into the bottom on the colour.
Apply a top coat or two, and you're done!

It's so much easier than drawing the curve then trying to fill the colour in evenly. I do my french tips this way, and it honestly takes the least time out of all methods I've tried!

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  1. woww is a good ideaaaa i like it!!!!
    like your blog!

  2. such a good idea! thankyou for sharing :)!

  3. I also use this technique and it save a lot of time ^ ^


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