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Friday, April 29, 2011

Both Tiara Roses in the same day! ♥


Yay! They're finally here!
I don't really have complete outfits for either of them yet, but oh well~. I was too eager to try them on that the idea of having complete hime/lolita outfits flew out the window. (I improvised with normal clothes xD). And for stripes making me look not as short!

Skirt in sax blue

Honestly, I prefer jsks, but Tiara Rose is my favourite print, so skirts are okay too!
The lighting in my room makes it look more mint (I wish it really did come in mint), but it's actually blue, I swear! The print looks so delicate~; it makes my heart swoon!
(Ignore the derp face... double chin... thing.)

Jsk in black

Now this is the one that seriously won my heart. The reason I even started loving Tiara Rose print is because I saw on daily_lolita a girl wearing the op of this. My heart went crazy! So originally I wanted the op, but I feel short sleeves look weird on me when it isn't something layered.

The wig in the skirt picture is another one from CosplaywigsUSA (I couldn't resist)... I think I'm becoming addicted to wigs. Oh no~

Also! I can't wait for all my other items to get here since I made a vow not to buy anything else until they arrive. I finally ordered some Diamond lashes and want to buy more now. It's gonna be so hard...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Review]: CosplaywigsUSA light brown Himegyaru wig ♥


My wig from CosplaywigsUSA arrived on Thursday!

I ordered the Hime Gyaru wig in light brown. The wig has amazing volume even before styling, and the curls are absolutely gorgeous. My hair doesn't curl nicely, so the wigs curls are definitely what I've been needing! They're more than perfect. Also, some of the curls in the front are shorting in order to frame the face. It's a lovely touch.

Before styling. There's already a slight bouffant, but nothing crazy.
The bangs originally look really odd, and I've hidden the weft with a headband.
Also, my room has natural yellow lighting, so the wig looks more golden.

Front view after styling. See how huge the bouffant can get?!
It doesn't even take much teasing since there's originally already some volume.

A more angled viewed.
I changed the bangs to side-swept because I feel they suit a heart-shaped face.

Side-view of the bouffant. This is more true to colour.
I honestly prefer my bouffant to not be extremely far back on the head.
Please excuse my rosy cheeks. xD

Why it's amazing:
Light-weight, so no sweaty heads!
No stiff curls -- feels like real hair
Extraordinary natural volume
Perfect colour
Super easy to style~

The small flaws:
Bangs are shaped oddly, but easily fixable
Weft is pretty noticeable before styling

Overall, the wig is perfect! Maybe even too perfect!
You can find all of CosplaywigsUSA's hime wigs here.

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter Sunday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Sponsor: []


Last night, contacted me asking if I would like a partnership, and of course I said yes!
Since it's a wholesale site, the prices are super cheap! Low price doesn't always mean bad quality, though~. The items from this site are really nice! I even managed to find some stuff that would work for himegyaru!

So lovely~! Even though they're not as gaudy as I'd like, I know they'd be a pretty decent pair of shoes for the style! They're also a version with pink lace, but I don't like them as much.

This dress is more casual than full-blown!himegyaru, which is nice sometimes. It has the popular spring-time lightweight feminine look~

And while it isn't really gyaru, this bag is still adorable! The bear looks so cute and cuddly!

Wow, they've got cute items in every category!
If you'd like cute items for wonderfully low prices, be sure to check out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh, auctions ♥ ( +incoming purchases)

I think I'm addicted to Japanese auction sites now -- so many good deals! xD
My dad thinks I'm a little loopy for browsing mbok a lot, but I can't help it; I just wanna be able to get some gorgeous clothes for a good price~ ;u;

So far I've won only one auction, but I'm the highest bidder on another one ( and it ends today. MWAHAHA!)
Now I have quite a few items coming in... so excited~~

AP Polkadot Chiffon skirt + headbow set:
OMMMMMGGG look at those garter belts! /dies

Tiara Rose skirt in sax:
I vowed to get Tiara Rose in every colour, and now I'm halfway there! So beautiful! I think I'm most excited about this one.

Himegyaru wig in light brown:
This should be here like... tomorrow. It's only the 2nd wig I've ever purchased, so I'm a little nervous. What if it ends up looking silly on me? ;n;

EOS Max Pure Pink lenses:
I'm obsessed with pink circle lenses, and now I'll finally have a pair!

I'm seriously too excited about my new items! I hope my other lolita clothes sell (found here if you're interested), so I can buy more stuff! xP

☆ Also, I lowered the prices of my crafts, so please check 'em out!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Falling out of love...


I've recently fallen out of love with classic lolita, which is odd because it used to be what lolita style I loved the most. I'm more into pastel but elegant, princess types of lolita clothes. I think it might be cause by my love for himegyaru...

It feels odd wanting to dress in sweeter clothes, but my room looks... like a mori girl decorated it. I spent a lot of time painting and decorating my room, so it'd be more classic lolita. But now, I don't like the dark minty green walls, lacy curtains with flower designs, and all the earthy/floral items on the walls.

I know I still like classic lolita, but I don't think I want to wear it anymore. I think I'm going to sell all my current lolita items and just start anew. About my room though, I don't know whether I should redo it or to just leave it the way it is. (I really want my room lavender...)

What do you think?
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