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Friday, April 29, 2011

Both Tiara Roses in the same day! ♥

Yay! They're finally here!
I don't really have complete outfits for either of them yet, but oh well~. I was too eager to try them on that the idea of having complete hime/lolita outfits flew out the window. (I improvised with normal clothes xD). And for stripes making me look not as short!

Skirt in sax blue

Honestly, I prefer jsks, but Tiara Rose is my favourite print, so skirts are okay too!
The lighting in my room makes it look more mint (I wish it really did come in mint), but it's actually blue, I swear! The print looks so delicate~; it makes my heart swoon!
(Ignore the derp face... double chin... thing.)

Jsk in black

Now this is the one that seriously won my heart. The reason I even started loving Tiara Rose print is because I saw on daily_lolita a girl wearing the op of this. My heart went crazy! So originally I wanted the op, but I feel short sleeves look weird on me when it isn't something layered.

The wig in the skirt picture is another one from CosplaywigsUSA (I couldn't resist)... I think I'm becoming addicted to wigs. Oh no~

Also! I can't wait for all my other items to get here since I made a vow not to buy anything else until they arrive. I finally ordered some Diamond lashes and want to buy more now. It's gonna be so hard...


  1. pretty!! o:
    congratulations on getting these, they look beautiful!

  2. oh my god they look SO FABULOUS on you!! <333 Congrats on receiving your dream dress <3!

  3. Your blog is so cute! I love this design!
    And U look so sweet! I love your hair!

    have a nice day.
    kiss kiss

  4. Oh goodness those are so pretty!~ I've loved the Tiara Rose print as well, and that's so lucky you've gotten both the skirt and the JSK!~ Congrats!~


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