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Friday, April 8, 2011

image from tumblr

Fairy Kei is a Japanese street fashion that mixes insane-cuteness with 80's styles/trends.
The outfits usually consist of pastel colour skirts/shorts/jumper (neons are used at times), items with 80's character logos/faces, adorable accessories, and cutesy sometimes 80's style shoes. Fairy kei is meant to be cute and fun, so never stress over if your outfit is "perfectly" fairy kei, just look cute and like a pastel marshmallow!

Places that sell fairy kei clothes are 6%dokidoki, ManiaQ, Nile Perch, Spank!, Chocomint (accesssories), Electric Alice, Milklim (thanks, Laffi!). Another way to get cute vintage clothing is thrifting, of course! ♥

Nile Perch, 6%dokidoki



There's even Fairy kei fashion for dolls! Too cute!


  1. I love Fairy-kei! It's so cuuute :D

  2. Cute post Caylee! I love when people who aren't really fairy-kei 'wear-ers' still post about it! Though I'm not sure if you've never had a fairy-kei coordinate -_-;. Anyway, cute post!!!

  3. cute post~! I love fairy kei as well! Another really cute fairy kei shop is Milklim

    And can't forget about thrifting! #1 best place to get your hands on vintage 80s things ;u;!

  4. I like much of fairy-kei!
    So cute style, and I love colours ;w;
    BTW, Those pictures looks lovely :)


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