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Thursday, April 7, 2011

My day without internet!

Monday night there was a terrible storm moving all across the east coast, and (of course) Fayette County got affected by it. The result was, that the next morning, I had no internet! I was seriously wigging out since I'm pretty much addicted to the internet...

But luckily, I found ways to entertain myself without the internet!

  • Play video games!
First, I played Little Big Planet 2 for PS3~ with my 12 year old brother, Marshall. I played the first Little Big Planet when it came out years ago and LOVED it, so I was super excited to play the 2nd one! On LBP2 there are so many more different "items" you can use (Grabonator, Paint Gun, etc.). It was really fun playing the game with him, especially since he acts so silly and makes his character smack others.
Then I played Professor Layton and the Unwound Future for DS. It is my favourite game right now. I love puzzle games... maybe a little too much. xD;

  • Learn some para para!
I still hadn't learned the whole para para to Boom Boom! Meccha Maccho, so since I had the video on my ipod, I worked on that. I think I've got it down now, so maybe I'll post a video soon? Once I get a tan, that is! xP

  • Play board games
I know it's super old-school, but board games are actually really fun! Once my dad got home from work, we all played Pokemon Monopoly. I don't really care for the original Monopoly, but I love Pokemon! I was Pikachu and lost first, but at least I bought the Articuno land which posed as a threat while I was still in the game. :D My dad won (I wasn't too surprised), but I really wanted Matt to win! The game was fun while it lasted~

  • Crochet
I worked on more butterfly pins for my etsy shop, and I decided to try and make some Easter items too. I don't really like the way the Easter items turned out , so I'm gonna redo them. Once I'm satisfied with how they look, they'll be posted to my etsy shop. Be on the lookout for them!

So by not having internet for a day, I learned that not having it really isn't that bad... There's so many things to do at home than just sit at the computer all day. Yay for partially curing my internet addiction! I'm so glad I have it again though. xD


  1. Funny how productive we can be without interwebs to distract us!

    Where do you find the Para Para that you learn? I'd love to pick up the hobby, but I have no idea where to find videos/dances to learn from!

  2. Tori: I already knew of the song Boom Boom Meccha Maccho, so I just looked up the dance shot version on youtube.

    The other's I get from Gyaruworld ( Gyaru world doesn't really get updated anymore, but the para para links from there are still up on youtube.

  3. Life without internet seems so scary for a while! It's always pretty amusing to find out that there actually ARE things to do xD. Pokemon monopoly sounds awesome btw! I love doing boom boom mecha macho btw :D that's a fun one x3.

  4. lol i love the pokemon monopoly ^__^ looks like you had fun going back old school lol sometimes its a good way to spend family time and get good laughs together

  5. cute~looks like you go back to child hood. hihi~ i love pokemon too my fave is togepi and jiggly puff hihi <3


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