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Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Review]: CosplaywigsUSA light brown Himegyaru wig ♥

My wig from CosplaywigsUSA arrived on Thursday!

I ordered the Hime Gyaru wig in light brown. The wig has amazing volume even before styling, and the curls are absolutely gorgeous. My hair doesn't curl nicely, so the wigs curls are definitely what I've been needing! They're more than perfect. Also, some of the curls in the front are shorting in order to frame the face. It's a lovely touch.

Before styling. There's already a slight bouffant, but nothing crazy.
The bangs originally look really odd, and I've hidden the weft with a headband.
Also, my room has natural yellow lighting, so the wig looks more golden.

Front view after styling. See how huge the bouffant can get?!
It doesn't even take much teasing since there's originally already some volume.

A more angled viewed.
I changed the bangs to side-swept because I feel they suit a heart-shaped face.

Side-view of the bouffant. This is more true to colour.
I honestly prefer my bouffant to not be extremely far back on the head.
Please excuse my rosy cheeks. xD

Why it's amazing:
Light-weight, so no sweaty heads!
No stiff curls -- feels like real hair
Extraordinary natural volume
Perfect colour
Super easy to style~

The small flaws:
Bangs are shaped oddly, but easily fixable
Weft is pretty noticeable before styling

Overall, the wig is perfect! Maybe even too perfect!
You can find all of CosplaywigsUSA's hime wigs here.

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter Sunday!


  1. Super cute on you! The boufant is very well done!

  2. the wig looks so nice! it looks very top quality and I've been meaning to try them out for a Lolita outfit. It looks very natural too! Thanks for the review ;) you are very cute >w<

  3. that wig looks so nice! and you look super adorable :D

  4. It suits you so welll! Sad we couldn;t hang out today ;A; <333

  5. wow looks really nice on you >u< like the big bow hahaha

  6. That wig really looks perfect on you like it was made just for you! ;w; <3

  7. Delano: Thank you!I'm getting better at styling. ★

    Ria: Thanks *u*! It is amazing quality; you should try one out -- you'll most likely love it! ♥ and you're very welcome~

    Laffi: Aw, thanks hun~. I'm sad we couldn't either, but we will some other time; don't worry! ☺

    Giselle: Thanks~★ Well a big bow is suitable for big hair, ne? xD

    Meri & Anni: Thank you so much! You're so sweet! ;u; ♥♥

  8. It looks lovely on you.
    I've been considering this wig to go with my Antoinette outfit, but none of the colours from the stock photos looked nice. They all seem a bit...over saturated. But the colour in your last picture does look more like what I'm looking for.

  9. wuaaaa, i envy ur wig ! >.<
    it's perfect for lolita look or cosplay! <3

    visit mine too ^_^


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