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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm an alumni now hurhur~


Me with my dad! Sorry for the quality (from an iPhone...)

So on Friday, I finally graduated. My last time being at that evil school... and it was for 3 long hours!
I didn't know the top 4 students would pretty much be making speeches, so sitting through all of those was urg. All except the Valedictorian (Camara; I've known her since 4th grade!)'s speech were boring. One girl went on for around 20 minutes about getting hit in the head with a potato shoe.

I'm glad that I will never have to visit that place again (well, maybe I will to see my old teachers, but meh), and I'm also glad that graduation means money/gifts as well. I mainly just got money haha. Which means more clothes~

I'm working on some crafts lately, but I've decided to keep what they are a secret until they're ready to put up on my etsy. Here's a hint though, they have to do with a certain flower~ Hopefully they'll all be finished by this weekend since I'll be pretty busy with work during the week!

And it's finally summer for me, too! What are everyone's plans for this lovely summer?
Mine are to spend much time with my friends, and to go swimming!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finallllyyyy; I'm done with high school!

Omg, I'm so excited that I could just die!
I took my last exams yesterday (Healthcare and the dreaded AAT math...), and this morning when I checked my grades -- I passed all my classes! I can graduate, ahhh! Extremely exciting!
I'm actually the first out of 4 children to graduate! (my 2 older brothers kind of... screwed up) Plus I'm the only girl so I feel extra special~
My graduation day is Friday so I guess that's technically my last of being a senior, but I feel like I'm already completely done with that wretched school. Now I actually have time for myself, to do what I want to do, and boy do I love it. I even now have more time to focus on blogging!

I've actually made it my goal to finish all of Sailor Moon Season 1 before graduation xD
I'm doing pretty well, I think (on episode 14). Rewatching it is making me realize how much I truly love the series, and I can't wait for the manga to be re-released! (Volume 1 comes out in September, and Sailor V manga is being released too!).
I'm not sure if the anime is going to be played again in the US, but if it is, I pray that they re-dub it because the original dub was atrocious.

Also, this past Saturday(the Rapture day, oh no!!) I hung out with Laffi Love of Millions of Bows. We hadn't seen each other since Momocon (in March)! Too long of a time gap for my tastes~
We hung out in the big shopping center in Duluth that has Super H-Mart, SunO and loooots of other Korean stores. We saw another lolita there too! She spotted us first while in the Morning Glory store~; she had pink AP Fancy Melody on. I was soooo envy at how cute she looked!
Laffi and I wanted to eat pho, but the restauarant was closed for renovations... So instead we derped around and eventually settled down at the White Windmill Bakery. A little Korean girl called Laffi scary, but it got made all better because a girl wanted to take a picture with us. She even knew what Lolita is!
I got my very first Rilakkuma item (I've been wanting on for so long!)!! The Morning Glory store even had 8-color Moomin pens! I was so surprised; I just had to get one!

I always forget to take pictures, but my little brother took a picture of me before I left~

Outfit rundown~
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Deary (DreamV)
Jewelry: Offbrand
Bag: Swimmer

It's almost officially summer for me; woo hoo!
Who else is graduating and/or just excited for the summer time?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Been so busy!!

Sorry for the lack of real updates lately. School had been taking my life! My last day is Thursday (finally~), so I've been running around like a headless chicken trying to get all my grades sparklin'. My math grade is still crap (74), but oh-freakin-well; at least it's passing. The grades for all my other classes are A's & B's.

I've been really trying to work on myself, too. Being nice to people isn't my strongest point because of my temper, but I've started doing my best to keep my temper in check lately. There was an incident earlier this month... but other than that, I haven't been calling people out as often at school or cursing at people, so it's a great start!

A lot of my items came in though! yay~
I ordered quite a bit from Pretty and Cute since I really love Lioele products.

all Lioele xD
What I got:
3D Skin Fix Makeup Base
3D Skin Fix Foundation
Lioele 2-set lashes (x2)
Lioele Essential face masks (Honey, Red Ginseng, Pomegranate)
Lioele Pore Control face mask
Lioele Pore Tightening pack (sample~)

I'm working on a review for both Skin Fix products. Since I started using them, I've been getting lots more complements!

My Angelic Pretty skirt + headbow set also came in.
The skirt is so soft and light; I'm truly in love! The headbow is adorable too -- and it's wired! I didn't know it when I bid for it, but I'm happy it is! So many ways I can shape it~.

Now I'm almost broke from buying so much, but it'll all be okay. Fashion does come with a price! Oh, and as an apology for the lack of updates lately~,
here's a derpy picture of me for your viewing pleasure! :D

so oogly xD

I hope everyone has been having a good month so far~!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sales post ♥ [1/25/12 UPDATE]

Please give these goodies a great new home!

I ship from GA, USA
My feedback: here and here
Prices are in USD; payments must be through paypal
Buyer pays half of pp fees
Shipping only included if stated; I combine shipping!
I have cats, but they're not allowed in my closet~
I am open to offers!

Please email me if you have any questions or want to buy an item~

Rock Star Wigs BRIGHT pink x yellow split bob

$18 shipped US
; $24 shipped Int'l OBO
example photo
Brand new! Never even taken out of the bag! ^^
Got it to go with a popkei outfit, but not really feelin' it anymore xD;
Gorgeous bright pink and yellow combo! The bangs come long so they may need trimming.

L*CHANCE accessories
Get all for $15 shipped!

⋆Plush bunny phone charm - $6
3 strand wallet/bag chain - $8
13.5" in length from top to bottom of longest strand.
Glitter bangle 4 set - $3
Leopard print make-up bag - $3
5" x 7.5" x 2" ; Has an 1-inch tear on bottom

Candy Stripper necklace

$9.60 $7 shipped Worldwide incl pp fee
Very punk! Features a hot pink skull and yellow lightning bolt
Has some wear

Pilgrim-style top

$4 $2 +shipping
Long sleeves are great for Autumn/Winter. The orange yoke is also a lovely touch.
Size XS

Long brown vest

$3 $2 +shipping
"Sleeves" have slight damage
Best fits size XS-S

Off-white knit vest

$10 $8 +shipping
New and never worn! Very soft~
Best fits size S-M

Vintage patchwork vest

$12 $10 +shipping
From early 1990's. Missing one button, but in great condition otherwise
Best fits size M-XL

Autumn-esque leaf heels

side view
Worn once for a couple of hours.
$6 $4 +shipping
These shoes matching amazingly well with classic prints featuring forest/autumnal prints!
(BTSSB Antoinette Gobelin, IW Harvest Festival, IW Lotta)
size US 5.5 (22.5 cm inside)
Thanks for looking! ☀

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