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Monday, May 16, 2011

Been so busy!!

Sorry for the lack of real updates lately. School had been taking my life! My last day is Thursday (finally~), so I've been running around like a headless chicken trying to get all my grades sparklin'. My math grade is still crap (74), but oh-freakin-well; at least it's passing. The grades for all my other classes are A's & B's.

I've been really trying to work on myself, too. Being nice to people isn't my strongest point because of my temper, but I've started doing my best to keep my temper in check lately. There was an incident earlier this month... but other than that, I haven't been calling people out as often at school or cursing at people, so it's a great start!

A lot of my items came in though! yay~
I ordered quite a bit from Pretty and Cute since I really love Lioele products.

all Lioele xD
What I got:
3D Skin Fix Makeup Base
3D Skin Fix Foundation
Lioele 2-set lashes (x2)
Lioele Essential face masks (Honey, Red Ginseng, Pomegranate)
Lioele Pore Control face mask
Lioele Pore Tightening pack (sample~)

I'm working on a review for both Skin Fix products. Since I started using them, I've been getting lots more complements!

My Angelic Pretty skirt + headbow set also came in.
The skirt is so soft and light; I'm truly in love! The headbow is adorable too -- and it's wired! I didn't know it when I bid for it, but I'm happy it is! So many ways I can shape it~.

Now I'm almost broke from buying so much, but it'll all be okay. Fashion does come with a price! Oh, and as an apology for the lack of updates lately~,
here's a derpy picture of me for your viewing pleasure! :D

so oogly xD

I hope everyone has been having a good month so far~!


  1. Lots of cute stuff! And the face mask is soo kawaii! looking forward to your reviews lovely <3

  2. the angelic pretty skirt is soooo cute *-*
    i love how AP has wired headbows haha, well I guess im kinda bias since AP is one of my top brands I <3 you are super kawaii hehe n_n

  3. so many lovely things~ the AP skirt is just full of adorableness *w*


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