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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finallllyyyy; I'm done with high school!

Omg, I'm so excited that I could just die!
I took my last exams yesterday (Healthcare and the dreaded AAT math...), and this morning when I checked my grades -- I passed all my classes! I can graduate, ahhh! Extremely exciting!
I'm actually the first out of 4 children to graduate! (my 2 older brothers kind of... screwed up) Plus I'm the only girl so I feel extra special~
My graduation day is Friday so I guess that's technically my last of being a senior, but I feel like I'm already completely done with that wretched school. Now I actually have time for myself, to do what I want to do, and boy do I love it. I even now have more time to focus on blogging!

I've actually made it my goal to finish all of Sailor Moon Season 1 before graduation xD
I'm doing pretty well, I think (on episode 14). Rewatching it is making me realize how much I truly love the series, and I can't wait for the manga to be re-released! (Volume 1 comes out in September, and Sailor V manga is being released too!).
I'm not sure if the anime is going to be played again in the US, but if it is, I pray that they re-dub it because the original dub was atrocious.

Also, this past Saturday(the Rapture day, oh no!!) I hung out with Laffi Love of Millions of Bows. We hadn't seen each other since Momocon (in March)! Too long of a time gap for my tastes~
We hung out in the big shopping center in Duluth that has Super H-Mart, SunO and loooots of other Korean stores. We saw another lolita there too! She spotted us first while in the Morning Glory store~; she had pink AP Fancy Melody on. I was soooo envy at how cute she looked!
Laffi and I wanted to eat pho, but the restauarant was closed for renovations... So instead we derped around and eventually settled down at the White Windmill Bakery. A little Korean girl called Laffi scary, but it got made all better because a girl wanted to take a picture with us. She even knew what Lolita is!
I got my very first Rilakkuma item (I've been wanting on for so long!)!! The Morning Glory store even had 8-color Moomin pens! I was so surprised; I just had to get one!

I always forget to take pictures, but my little brother took a picture of me before I left~

Outfit rundown~
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Deary (DreamV)
Jewelry: Offbrand
Bag: Swimmer

It's almost officially summer for me; woo hoo!
Who else is graduating and/or just excited for the summer time?


  1. I'm graduating too!~ I graduate this Friday. (>uu< )~
    And I know what you mean about the free time!~ I can't wait to go home and catch up on sewing and crafts and blogging and all the Asian sramas I missed over the year (>u< ).
    Congrats to you though!~ Do you know where you'll be going for Uni?~

  2. Congratulations on graduating high school! :D You must be pretty excited to do everything that is possible out there (I know I am whenever I finish something stressful ^^;).

    Ah Sailor Moon! That series bring back memories. In fact, my friend and I were just talking about it over the phone earlier. An awesome series indeed <3

    Love the pink outfit. Oh yeah, did you know that about one half of your outfit consists of Angelic Pretty stuff? xD Pretty funny and sweet! As for the "summer" season, it doesn't feel or look like summer from where I live :/. Still excited for summer anyway, since it gives me incentive to wear himegyaru stuff <3

  3. Again, congrats!! :D! I wish I could hurry and graduate too haha xD

    We should totally get together and watch sailor moon at some point! x3!! Had so much fun with you on saturday~~~!!!

  4. Love the outfit!

    Congratulations on graduation! My sister graduates next week, I'm so excited for her >~<

    Are you thinking about university?

  5. Congradulations on graduating! That outfit is seriously adorable!

    Did you go to the White Windmill cafe in Doraville? I live so close to it and I here about you Georgia girls meeting up and keep thinking 'I need to plan a meet up!'.

  6. you look so cute >u< i wish i could pull it off like u can and congrats on graduation ^u^

  7. ☆彡 Princess Gigglesnort: Yayyyy! I'm sure you're ecstatic to graduate hehe~. I plan to go to Clayton State starting in January; it gives me enough time to work up some money until then. (x

    ☆彡 Lavenrose: I am sooo excited! Finally 7 hours of my weekdays won't be spent sitting in a building learning nothing! (most of my teachers really couldn't teach...)
    I'm insanely happy about the manga re-release because I've seen the originals go for $15-20 a volume, and I don't want to spend that much on one manga. .__.
    Haha, you're right! Sadly I've become my own nightmare -- an AP girl! Is it always cold in Canada? Here in GA, the weather is bipolar, but I can tell it's almost summer (so hot!!!)

  8. ☆彡 Laffi: Thank you bb; I wish you could too~ =3=
    I'm glad you had so much fun -- I did too! And yes we should! ♥

    ☆彡 Ande: Thank you! (: Yay, I'm excited for her too! I actually plan to start college in January~.

    ☆彡 Sasha: Thank you so much~
    We actually went to the one in Duluth on Pleasant Hill Rd~. You should really plan a meet up -- it's be awesome! ★

    ☆彡 Giselle: Thanks ♥ You're adorable though, so I'm sure you could pull it off!

  9. For most of the time it's cold haha. Even now it is still cloudy and it looks like it's going to rain any moment now X-x

  10. Congrats!! I graduate this Saturday ^^
    love the outfit <3


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