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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm an alumni now hurhur~

Me with my dad! Sorry for the quality (from an iPhone...)

So on Friday, I finally graduated. My last time being at that evil school... and it was for 3 long hours!
I didn't know the top 4 students would pretty much be making speeches, so sitting through all of those was urg. All except the Valedictorian (Camara; I've known her since 4th grade!)'s speech were boring. One girl went on for around 20 minutes about getting hit in the head with a potato shoe.

I'm glad that I will never have to visit that place again (well, maybe I will to see my old teachers, but meh), and I'm also glad that graduation means money/gifts as well. I mainly just got money haha. Which means more clothes~

I'm working on some crafts lately, but I've decided to keep what they are a secret until they're ready to put up on my etsy. Here's a hint though, they have to do with a certain flower~ Hopefully they'll all be finished by this weekend since I'll be pretty busy with work during the week!

And it's finally summer for me, too! What are everyone's plans for this lovely summer?
Mine are to spend much time with my friends, and to go swimming!


  1. Ohhh your grqaduation seems rather similar to mine (>u< )Maybe graduate pictures with one's dad are the way to go?...
    We only had one student speaker however.

    And here's to never visiting terrible highschools ever again!~ (except to visit favourite teachers~) And summer vacation!~

    Congrats by the way (>u< )!~

  2. Congratulations! Haha xD How unfortunate that you have to sit through the speeches. O-o It's possible to have a 20 minute story around being hit with a potato shoe? Wow. Ooh! Is it the rose? Just kidding xD I'll wait until you get it to your etsy. My plans are very simple: clean my room along with "hime"-izing it and get things ready for my debut into the himegyaru world :). Plus getting a job.

  3. Congrats on the graduating~! I remember how happy I was to escape mine! It's in Florida, and my grandfather, who I was living with at the time, moved to Georgia, so I have absolutely no reason to ever be near it again!

    I hope you have a really fun summer! You deserve it! <3


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