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Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Review} DreamV order

that sex face right thurr ♥

On April 27th, I order two pairs of shoes from DreamV's english Rakuten site! My total ended up being $75 shipped for both pairs (such a good price ), and they were shipped the next day.
Everything was good until I checked my tracking number on April 29th. Apparently something on my address was wrong, so the package got sent back to Japan. I contacted DreamV about it, giving them my address again. I didn't receive a response which sorta worried me, but lo' and behold, my package arrived safely today!

They sent a cute little pamphlet with it -- look at the adorable hime!

I have tiny feet, so I ordered a pair with straps to keep them on my feet. I didn't know the little bows were detachable until now, but I'm so happy they are! (if it says it on the website... I didn't read it. xD)
Also, the strap adjuster (I don't know the real name...) is actually a snap! So no worry with fiddling to get the shoe strapped every time! ♥
These are definitely my favourite out of the two~

I also decided to get a pair of classic pink mules. (every hime gyaru should have a pair of these!)
They're completely beautiful, but there is one flaw... a part of the bow on the right shoes doesn't fold completely under.

Maybe I'm just nitpicky, but even though it isn't noticable when worn, it bothers me. ><;

One thing I really love about both pairs are that they both have grips on the bottom! No slipping and sliding around to fall on my butt, for me! They also have insoles made into the shoe making them super comfortable! :D

Overall a great experience with ordering from DreamV especially since I got two gorgeous pairs of shoes out of it! There's even more items I want so I'll definitely be ordering from the shop again!

Service ★★★★ - Fast shipping, but getting no contact about the address problem makes it a 4.
Cost ★★★★★ - Fabulous! $75 shipped for such lovely shoes is a steal!
Appearance ★★★★★ - Seriously the most gorgeous shoes I've ever owned ♥
Comfort ★★★★★


  1. those 2 pairs are very cute >w< I have some DreamV clothes before and its very good quality. As for the shoes, are they comfy for you?

  2. RiA: They're super comfy! Maybe I should add that. xD

  3. -bawwws- Most of the shoes I want from them are sold out T_____T
    I don't understand how anyone can walk with shoes like that second pair. I'd just end up kicking them off while I'm walking <.>

  4. These are both so gorgeous! So awesome that the first pair has detachable bows ;A;! They will suit you so well~ <3

  5. Very cute! Can't wait to see what coordinates you do with them!~

  6. Ah! We're shoe buddies~! I have those first ones in Black A and Pink ^_^

    Some of their bows do have that issue with the fabric not folding completely under. I just put a little hot glue on it and pressed it down, looks great!

  7. Oh yeah, also, I think Japan had a holiday, and I know they don't work during the weekend (which if you found out too late on the 29th, it was definitely Saturday over there), so that's probably why they couldn't get back to you very quickly. The people at the factory, however, they work over the weekend. I know, because during the Christmas season, the shop was off until January 4th, but they sent my package way before that.

  8. wahhhh super cute shoes so lovely >u< can't wait to see coordies with them ^___^ if you do some

  9. aww i love how yumetenbo has affordable and really pretty shoes! now i'm tempted to buy them!

  10. Lovely shoes!
    Perfect for cute Princess!
    I like them both, but this with little gold heart re more cute :) but both re sweet! :)
    Lucky U to have this shoes!

  11. nice shoes! i hate shoes with no grip it makes me rage :( and i would lvoe to see them coordinated they look super cute!

  12. An informative review. ^^ Cute shoes. It is always good to have grip underneath the shoes, especially if people aren't as comfortable in high heels as it is (like me *cough). It's nice of them to throw in a pamphlet along with the shoes. It is those small things that makes the most out of any purchase.


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