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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Angelic Pretty addict?!

Lately, I've been trying to gather items to finally finish up some lolita coordinates. I always buy the dress or skirt first and build on that (makes the most sense to me) Since I don't have many dresses/skirts though, it should be fairly easy, but I am sooo picky! I hate to say that I'm a brand whore (because I'm truly not), but I honestly prefer brand over any other. And not just any brand -- it's usually got to be Angelic Pretty!

The last of the AP bags I bought a while ago finally arrived~; I got the pink one and the black one off of mbok, and I purchased the sax one from egl_comm_sales. I didn't realize the pink one would be so large, but I'm actually happy about it's size! Plus it doesn't have much flaws besides the lace yellowing a little! The black one is monstrous though... and when I have all my items in it -- so heavy! I bought the sax one purely to match my Tiara Rose skirt, but it doesn't look too well with it. I may end up reselling or trading the bag for a different one.

It's a little embarrassing, but more than half of my lolita wardrobe is Angelic Pretty. I don't have much items, but seeing that most of them are AP (and I prefer AP over all others)... I think I may have a problem! Maybe I'll start buying more indie brands/offbrand, or order more from DreamV (I actually have an order coming in ) to match with lolita. I hope I'm not the only one with such a problem! xD;


  1. Not at all. I try to make most of my dream prints come from other brands, but the majority is from AP. Even my super tiny wardrobe, which only consists of two brands, Baby and AP, AP wins over most of the items.

  2. Nothing wrong with loving Angelic Pretty. Maybe (or definitely) AP is just your all-time favourite brand? xD I know how it feels to be obsessing over a certain brand (*cough*JesusDiamante*cough*). Lovely bags by the way. :)

  3. lolitaluv2: Whew! Makes me feel better. Most of my dream dresses are by AP though(some by IW). xD; Is AP your favourite brand? ^^

    Lavenrose: I'd say it's definitely my all-time favourite lolita brand. xD It's the brand that made me even want to REALLY become lolita (with the release of Twinkle Mermaid)!! ;A; I am obsessing over JD right now too... but so expensive. ;u;


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