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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New layout~

Ta daaaa! A new beautiful layout based off of AP's Dream Sky print. It's my most recent dream print (hehe), so it felt appropriate to me. I'm trying so hard to get it (stalking auctions >w<). Also, the lovely banner was made by Laffi. She actually drew the Dream Sky print rather than using an image of it!

Anyone else ever think of making a layout based off their dream print(s)?


  1. Oooh what a pretty dress. Hope you get it. No I don't really incorporate a dream print into my layout, since the only desired layout that I had wanted is something floral and has these two colours: pink and purple. xD

  2. Lavenrose: It's a beauty~; the naxy colourway seriously looked like the night sky. <3
    You don't want any layout other than that? xD
    Also, I can't remember if I asked you your real name or not... ;u; so what's your real name? xD;;

  3. I agree. The dress really does look like nighttime. Now you just need some star hair accessories and a star bag to match it out. xD

    Well I didn't really come across any dresses with prints that has those two colours, unless of course you count this one (was so giddy when I first saw it):

    The dress doesn't really have a print ^^; I might change my mind later on, but for now I'm content with the current layout that I have haha.

    My name is Wanda (I had it beside my pic but blogger decided to change it to my signed name for some reason O-o). I now have it under my About Me section. ^^


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