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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{Review} Lioele - 3D Skin Fix Makeup Base & Foundation

as always; click for larger! ♥

Long time no post, lovlies~! There's a new thing taking over my life now. It used to be school, but now it's work! Lately, I work pretty much everyday of the week... so blogging and crafting sort of went out the window.
Today is different, though! I still have to work, but took the time to make this review for 2 of Lioele's amazing products -- 3D Skin Fix Makeup Base & 3D Skin Fix Foundation. (both bought from Pretty & Cute)

No makeup what-so-ever... no eyebrows... AHHHH, so hideous!

With Makeup Base only -- no more super shiny skin!

The Makeup Base comes in a little pump-type bottle, so just pump a little onto your fingers, dab where you want it, then blend in~. A little goes a long way! It does really well to cover strawberry nose, rosy cheeks, and eye bags.

Then the foundation (in Natural Beige)! I always use a foundation a skin tone or two darker.
It makes my skin look like it has a healthy glow, plus it's hard to find foundation of how light I am anyway. xD;

The Foundation also comes in a pump-type bottle, but I've found it easier to apply with a brush than my fingers. A blush or kabuki (foundation) brush work perfectly to apply and blend it.
It only takes 2 half pumps to evenly cover my entire face, including under the chin!

Topped off with Lioele Blooming Face Powder (beige) + Diamond Lashes! ♥
My favourite thing about this photo is that it actually has no editing! The makeup covers all my blemishes!


Cost ★★★★★ - Got them together for $40 instead of the usual $24/26 each!
Appearance ★★★★★ - Lovely packaging~
Easy to apply? ★★★★★ - Comes in a little pump bottle
Coverage ★★★★★ - Hides all my blemishes, and stays on all day. Perfect!

The makeup stays on all day, so re-application isn't necessary. I've found my new foundation!(unless something better comes along... which I doubt xD).
I'll most likely do a review of the Blooming Face Powder as well, so look out for it!


  1. Cool! It MUST be good if you don't need to edit your photos at the end of the day. xD

  2. wow amazing >u< thnks for the review

  3. This make-up looks beautiful on you!!! ^^

  4. Wanda: I know! O: I was so surprised when I uploaded the picture and it already looked perfect!

    Giselle: You're welcome! ^^

    Fanny: Thank you so much~ I'm following you're blog now!

  5. can you please tell me the ingredients in the foundation? thanks


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