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Saturday, June 25, 2011

SunO party!

Thursday was the SunO party at the Duluth SunO! Loud music, free SunO and drinks, and b-boys performing!

Laffi's outfit rundown:
♥ Mini cardigan ~ offbrand
Skirt ~ Bodyline
Tights ~ Leg Avenue
Socks ~ offbrand
Accessories ~ Bodyline, Bonjour Honey, Mintymix, Handmade, Offbrand
Bag ~ Sanrio
Shoes ~ Secret Shop

#001 Rosey Posey - rundown:
♥ Top ~ Jesus Diamante
Jsk ~ Angelic Pretty
♥ Socks ~ Angelic Pretty
Accessories ~ Handmade, Offbrand
Bag ~ Angelic Pretty
Shoes ~ Offbrand

I originally planned to meet up with Laffi that day just to eat pho, but I remembered the SunO party was that night as well! So Laffi and I derped around as usual and got some cute items from the Morning Glory store. (She even got keyboard stickers! )

Then we went to eat pho, and I had yummy Avocado shakes. I was so surprised that it was actually good! I mean, I like avocado, but I never though a avocado shake would be so delicious! Once we had finished eating, it was time for the SunO party! We got over there and apparently you had to wait in a line for a wristband then wait in line to get the free suno and drinks. We ended up trying the Kumquat Green Tea, Honeydew Suno, and Thai Tea Suno. They were all so yummy -- especially the honeydew suno!

We unknowingly met Coffee, and he's a real cool guy (and great b-boy!). Also, Kyla (a fellow ATL lolita) and Laffi's friends showed up, so we hung out with them and chatted at the H-Mart. I was so sad when I had to leave, but I seriously had soooo much fun! I want to spend some more fun times with them all. I hope I can do so soon!


  1. I love both your's and Laffi's outfits. <3 Got some good coordinates going on there. I love avocado shake too (it is also one of my favourite bubble tea flavours). I am the opposite when it comes to avocado, since I don't eat the fruit and I just only drink the drinks made from it haha.

  2. Ah, it was so much fun! We definitely should all hang out again :DD <3 Also, thank you Lavenrose <3!

  3. ★彡 Lavenrose: Thanks~ ♥ The shake was sooo good. You don't eat avocado normally? Not even in salad or on pizza? o.oa

    ★彡 Laffi: Yesss! It was the first time I had actually been able to hang out with Kyla for real! We need to make some plans, bb~. xD


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