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Monday, June 20, 2011

Thrifting~ ★

Saturday was Father's Day and since my dad likes thrifting as much as I do, I took him to do so!

I have tiiiiny tiny feet (US 5.5-6), so finding shoes in my size is normally pretty hard, but at the thrift store, it's what I mainly find!

I got 2 pairs of heels for myself and a carebear for a friend. I also bought my dad a few vinyls since he collects them.

I'm so glad I found such a gorgeous pair of cream heels! They will work amazingly with hime or just typical classy looks. My boyfriend said they look like shoes a princess in England would wear. Perfect! The white heels were purely an impulse buy. I actually didn't own any white heels before I bought them!!
Carebears aren't really my thing, but thinking the cutie would make a nice gift, I ended up getting it anyway! I know the receiver will really like it!

Anyone else thrift regularly? I'd love to see other people's thrifting hauls!


  1. The care bear is the cutest everrr <33! Those cream heels are super cute, they'll look so great on you *u*!

  2. Nice haul! ^^ I don't really thrift, but I do a lot of crafting. Love those heels, especially the ones on the right.

  3. Awh! I want those shoes <3 They're beautiful~

  4. Those shoes are really cute ! ~

  5. Omg those shoes are beautiful ♥
    I thrifted a Dream Bear Care Bear a few months ago and some awesome party dresses ^.^

  6. ★彡 Laffi: It is really adorable! He's Buggy Care Bear to me. xD & thanks ;A;

    ★彡 Lavenrose: Thank you! Ohh, crafting is fun; I saw your hime bows -- super cute! ♥

    ★彡 Momoko: Of course! It's so easy to find cute items, you should try it!

  7. ★彡 Lizzie: I knoooww! I'm so glad they're my size! ;u;

    ★彡 Suzu: Thanks! ♥

    ★彡 Cherri: Yeah~! Ohhh, I've never seen a Dream Bear before -- sounds cute!


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