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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Phở time + gets ☆


Hello sweeties!
Yesterday I hung out with adorable Laffi! We went to eat phở, but since there was a budget, no avocado drinks this time...
The phở was yummy none-the-less! I had the chicken kind~
The restaurant was also sweet enough to give us a free desert called mocha cake. A delicious treat, but much too sweet for my tastes now. Laffi absolutely loved it!

Afterwards, we derped around the plaza and went into the Morning Glory store. We seem to always spend so much time in there.
I got some cute stickers from there -- Paris theme! So cute and sparkly~

We then went to a beauty store called Missy's. There were so many lovely items! I ended up getting a 2-pair set of lashes , a case for my deco items, and a compact eyelash curler (needed one for my purse~). I wanted some more face masks, but I still have so many left.

Our last stop was MegaMart at Gwinnett Place Mall!
It was so cold in there but we managed~. There were many cute headbands and jewelry.
I also found the perfect necklace! So gorgeous and La Pafait style!!

Downstairs of the MegaMart is a supermarket with a small beauty shop! I was looking at the lip-glosses and the shop owner came over to me swooning about how fashionable I looked! So incredibly nice of her!
The makeup and body creams/perfumes in the shop were really all so beautiful and lovely smelling. I ended up getting a lipstick and a lipgloss. The owner even gave us beauty samples when we checked out!


My hair & makeup
Makeup is Sakurina inspired ♥

All the items I got~

I can't believe July is almost over!
Until next time! ♥
Much love,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Focus, man! Focus!


Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day~
I feel like I've been focusing too much on lolita lately and it's hindering my improvement as a hime/agejo gyaru.
So now it's time to work hard and get focused! Sorry, lolita fashion, but you're getting ignored for a while.

2-month plan:

Practice hair & makeup 3-4 times a week
Practice coordinating (polyvore?)
Get a light tan
Don't buy lolita clothes!
Practice nail art and making gel tips
Make accesories! (bows, arm warmers, etc.)
Modify some current clothes for hime use
Get a variety of lashes

Doing these things religiously for a full month should really help me improve my style. I guess I'll be going on a mini hiatus from lolita (so no wearing it either... except for AWA xD). Also I've gone 5 days so far without drinking cola -- only water !
Much love,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My dream cutsew has arrived!


Hey princesses! Gosh, I've been blogging so much lately -- I feel amazing!

Anyway~ I've been into sax coloured lolita items as of late! Getting the Tiara Rose skirt in sax kind of sparked it, I suppose. I don't usually wear skirts in lolita, so I didn't have much of a clue what to match with it until I saw a stock photo on hello lace!

The skirt used is Tiara Rose!

It immediately became my dream cutsew. I spent months searching for it on auctions sites (to no avail...), and earlier this month, someone posted it for sale on egl_comm_sales! I snatched it so fast -- I just had to!
It arrived Monday, and I couldn't wait to try it on!

#003 Go go girl! - rundown:
♥ Cutsew ~ Angelic Pretty
Skirt ~ Angelic Pretty
♥ Tights ~ Offbrand
Accessories ~ Offbrand
Bag ~ Angelic Pretty
Shoes ~ DreamV

A more casual outfit. I don't wanna give away my Tiara Rose coord I'm planning for AWA.

close-up of my makeup~

Now that I've obtained that one, I have another dream cutsew!
Proper Girl Sleeveless Cutsew~

I feel like it can work well not only with lolita, but with hime as well!
I know it will probably take a long search for me to obtain it , but I'm prepared!


Also, I'm getting my hair lightened tomorrow (and possibly getting extensions -- finally!). I'm gonna go blonde! Sooooo nervous about it~ ;A;

Until next time!
Love you all~
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