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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Deco Fever! ★

Hello lovely readers ♥!
My second order from Fullmoon Deco arrived yesterday! I actually did a joint order with Laffi, and we both picked out some really cute items!

Yukie even sent the items wrapped in adorable bear paper!

~the wonderful haul ✰彡~
I finally got the Spring 2011 egg's Beauty! I know I'm very late, but whatever~

Close up of the deco goodies
Bows, stars, hearts, ribbons, candies, gems, roses -- everything sweet girls need!
At times, Yukie has were you can get a free gift with your order. This is the 2nd time I've gotten one! The present was pearls, mini bows, and lovely crystal hearts.
And the very first item I deco'd -- my camera!
It's been done for a while... I just couldn't figure out a way to take a picture of it!
I ended up using my cellphone camera..
My dad says it looks really over-the-top, but isn't that the point?
I'm kinda an impulse deco'er so some of the spaces could have been filled in better (some were left unfilled on purpose such as the mic area~).
Next time I'll most likely plan in advance where to place everything!

Also, Wanda over at Lavender and Roses has really inspired me to deco more items. Her deco's are fabulous and truly fit for a princess -- check 'em out!



  1. Nice haul! :D I always love ordering from Fullmoon since Yuki is so nice and gives a free gift with each purchase. <3 I guess it doesn't hurt that she has the cheapest rhinestones by far xD.

    I love your camera! All pink, sparkly, and fit for a princess. My dad said that my phone is over the top so I think it's a dad thing? *shrug* Then again you had mentioned earlier about how he was blinded by the bling. Haha!

    *blushes* Thanks for the shoutout. I feel special. <3 There will always be room for more deco in the world. ^^

    I can't wait to see more of your deco creations.

  2. your camera looks really great *v*!! All the things together are so sparkly :D

  3. > Wanda: Thanks! Oh she always gifts one? How nice! *^* And oh gosh yes... the rhinestones. ♥

    Awww, thank you~ yeah, dads just aren't girly enough to appreciate the bling'd out beauty. xD

    You're very welcome, and you should! Your deco is amazing. ★

    > Laffi: Thanks!! I wanted it super bling'd out and I guess I achieved it. ♥

  4. It seems that she does, since I got a free gift with every purchase that I had made. O-o Even on those days where there was no free gift promotion going on at the time. :D

    Haha I overheard my dad saying one time that he would be very embarrassed if seen with my phone. Ah.. the power of girlyness.

  5. Zomg cute haul! Makes me wanna buy some stuff from there now lawls :P

  6. How much did you pay for shipping? it would be nice if you could help me :)

  7. Wanda: Ohhh, that is so nice of her! ♥
    Wow! Dads are great xD

    Lizzie: Haha thanks! You should; she has amazing prices!! ★

    Nana: Yukie does shipping prices by flat rate according to weight/location. I paid $14 shipped with Registered Mail. (:

  8. Can you read japanese?


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